About Dr. Vikas Sharma MD

112 Years of Dedication to Homeopathy

Well ,I was always under this impression that my grandfather, Dr.S.K. Sharma was the first one to practice homeopathy in our family; I was wrong. One fine day in our attic, I found a a book ‘Homeopathic Pharmocodynamics’ by Richard Huge’s, signed may 1904 by my Great grandfather Anand Swaroop Sharma.This means that officially its been 107 years, since our family has been into homeopathy and four generations have been dedicated to it.

Dr.Sri Krishan Sharma –My grandfather was one of the pioneers who introduced homeopathy in India .Along with many other accomplishments, he was the Hony. Physician to the then Viceroy of India.

Dr.Suraj Prakash Sharma – My father along with being one of the very famous homeopaths of his time , was a very renowned amateur photographer. He has been awarded an honorary degree by UNESCO.Also he has been awarded the very famous ‘Kalashree’ award by the Govt of India.My Uncle ( fathers brother) Dr. Swayam Parkash Sharma was also a very famous homeopath before he decided to take retirement in San francisco.

Dr.Anu Sharma-Dr. Anu Sharma (my wife)is a zealous homeopath ;along with her busy practice she is busy raising our daughters, Ananya and Aamiya (aged 12 and 6) .She graduated along with me from the Chandigarh homeopathic medical college in may 1995.

Dr. Vikas Sharma-I am M.D In Homeopathy (Gold Medalist), have been into practice (in Chandigarh) since last 21 years.I am treating mainly chronic disorders.I am a homeopathic columnist for one of North India’s largest daily newspaper -The tribune, for the last 10 years.I have written in many other publications too; with a total number of published features being more than couple of hundreds.I Have had a stint at teaching too- have taught Materia Medica ( as Asst. Prof) at the Post Graduate Homeopathic Medical College Mohali.My main work in Masters Of Homeopathy has been in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders including other Neuro developmental disorders (ADHD, autism, developmental disorders, asperger syndrome etc).I am in the process of writing a book on the ‘treatment of autism with homeopathy’ . Chronic skin disordes and allergies have been my favourite subjects; my recent experiments in developing a new medicine for allergy- (that develops from wheat thrashing thrashing dust) in the process trials.

I have a strong-wide-spectrum interest in music ranging from Abida Parveen in Sufi music to led Zeplin in hard rock . My favorite group has been ‘Air supply’ and their all time big hit ‘Goodbye’ gives me the real kick.

You can reach me at mail:vikas@drhomeo.com

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