8 Best Homeopathic Medicines For PCOS

What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder in women where hormonal imbalance occurs. This imbalance results in the formation of cysts in the ovaries. PCOS can be recognised by a clear set of symptoms, the most visible of which are irregular periods, delayed periods, absent menses, short and scanty periods (in rare cases heavy bleeding may occur), acne, hirsutism (abnormal growth of hair on the face and other parts of the body), difficulty in getting pregnant (due to anovulation), hairfall and weight gain. Hirsutism and acne result from excess production of the male hormone Androgen. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one of the major causes of infertility in women. What causes PCOS is not yet known, but genes have a role to play. Therefore, a family history of PCOS and obesity would put a woman at a higher risk of acquiring the condition.

Homeopathic Medicines Can Cure PCOS

Homeopathic medicines are a safe mode of treatment for disorders like the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which affect women. These medicines are made from natural plant sources and are therefore, more effective. There are no side-effects at all. In PCOS, Homeopathic medicines correct the hormonal imbalance and neutralise its negative effects. With proper constitutional treatment, the cysts dissolve and the menstrual cycle gets regularized. Other complaints, including acne and hair growth on the face, are also taken care of under the guidance of a Homeopathic practitioner.

Homeopathic Medicines for PCOS

Pulsatilla – One of the top rated Homeopathic medicines for PCOS with suppressed, short, scanty periods

Natural medicine Pulsatilla is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome. It has shown brilliant results in PCOS cure in my practice. There are clear indicators for use of Pulsatilla in this condition, which include periods that are suppressed, scanty or short and that appear too late. The character of menstrual blood is dark, black, pale, clotted or highly changeable. Pain during menses may arise. Pulsatilla rates best among Homeopathic medicines for PCOS as it effectively helps dissolve the cysts in ovaries and regularize the menstrual cycle. The Homeopathic mode of treatment places great value on constitutional symptoms in every disease to select the appropriate medicine. These constitutional symptoms are unique and specific to each person. The peculiar constitutional symptoms for use of Pulsatilla are a mild, gentle, sensitive, emotional nature in women, a tendency to weep and timidity. A lack of thirst and need for open air are other peculiarities in PCOS cases that will need prescription of Pulsatilla.

Sepia and Thuja – Highly effective Homeopathic medicines for PCOS with facial hair

In cases where facial hair add to the trauma of the person dealing with the syndrome, Sepia and Thuja are the natural choice of Homeopathic medicines for PCOS. I have seen PCOS patients recover wonderfully well under both. Sepia is the best Homeopathic medicine for PCOS cases where facial hair appear especially on the chin and upper lip area and in cases of irregular, feeble menses or suppressed periods. A striking feature that accompanies menstrual irregularities is an intense bearing down sensation in the pelvis. The person may feel like the pelvis is about to explode. This may be attended with dull, heavy pain in the ovaries. The unique constitutional symptoms for Sepia selection include indifference to family members, irritability, aversion to occupation, sadness.

Thuja is another of the prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for PCOS. The underlying symptoms for Thuja use in PCOS are hair growth on the face and body and retarded periods of scanty duration. During periods, pain may be felt in the left ovary. The nature of this pain varies, ranging from distressing, cutting, shooting to the burning kind. The pain in the ovary may even extend down the leg in such cases where Thuja rates best among Homeopathic medicines for PCOS.

Calcarea Carb and Graphites – Excellent Homeopathic medicines for PCOS in obese women

Homeopathic medicines Calcarea Carb and Graphites are highly recommended for treating PCOS in obese women. The guiding features for selecting Calcarea Carb as the best suited among Homeopathic medicines for PCOS are heavy, prolonged periods, a chill running down the body during menses and a headache that worsens. Valuable constitutional mind symptoms of Calcarea Carb are anxiety, apprehensions and fear. Here the most common fear is that of a contagious disease, misfortune, losing reason, accidents and mishappenings. Natural medicine Graphites is equally effective among Homeopathic medicines for PCOS. The most prominent symptoms demanding Graphites use are scanty, pale or suppressed periods. Congestion in the head may result from suppressed periods. Graphites is also among the most reliable Homeopathic medicines for PCOS cases with a painful swelling of the ovaries and an excruciating pain in the right ovary during menses. On the constitutional level, Graphites is used when the symptoms include timidity, indecisiveness, sadness and a melancholic mood.

Lachesis and Apis Mellifica – Best Homeopathic medicines for relief from PCOS with violent colic

In case of polycystic ovarian syndrome with scanty, tardy menses and black menstrual blood, accompanied by pain in the ovaries, predominantly on the left side, swelling in the left ovary and violent colic during menses, Lachesis is best known among Homeopathic medicines for PCOS to provide relief. Apis Mellifica is the most suitable prescription among Homeopathic medicines for PCOS when the symptoms include suppressed periods and pain in the ovarian region, especially on the right side. In such cases, the right ovary is usually swollen, heavy and enlarged. Therefore, lying on the right side may provide relief from the pain in the right ovarian region which is mostly of the sharp, stinging kind. The ovarian pain gets worse during menses.

Conium – Wonderful among Homeopathic medicines for PCOS with acne, infertility

Natural and safe, Conium is one of the Homeopathic medicines for PCOS which is of great help in cases where acne appears as a result of the accompanying menstrual irregularities. The acne is worse before menses appear and disappears as soon as the menstrual flow starts. The menses on the whole are suppressed, scanty or short in such cases of PCOS. The person may complain of a tearing pain in the ovaries that are enlarged, cramping and a dragging pain in the pelvis during menses in such cases where Conium is recommended as the most effective of Homeopathic medicines for PCOS. A unique sign which may decide on Conium as the best prescription among Homeopathic medicines for PCOS is swelling and pain in the breasts before periods. Conium is also one of the well indicated Homeopathic medicines for infertility resulting from PCOS.

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