Homeopathic Medicines for Headaches can work wonders for your Migraine Attacks

Migraine is a neurological disease where severe headaches affecting one side  or at times the complete head. This is most frequently attended with nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to noise and light. In some cases an aura precedes the migraine attack, which may includes flashes of light or blinding spots before eyes.

 Causes of Migraine

The exact cause behind migraine is yet to be fully understood. Migraines are thought to be a result of combination of genetic and environmental factors.In majority of cases, migraines tend to run in families . There are few well known trigger factors for migraine. These are – stress, exertion, gastric disturbances, eating heavy food stuff, taking alcoholic drinks, coffee intake, hormone changes in females.

 Symptoms of Migraine

The most characteristic symptom of migraine is one sided headache mostly of violent, throbbing and pulsating in nature. The accompanying symptoms include nausea, vomiting, blurring of vision, flashes of light before eyes, double vision, light/sound sensitivity, confusion and weakness.

 Homeopathic Treatment for Migraine Headaches

Conventional mode of treatment only gives temporary relief in migraine cases. While homeopathic relief for migraine promises a  permanent cure for headaches. Homeopathic medicines treat the person as a whole and try to eradicate the tendency towards a particular disease. Homeopathic treatment for migraine is done in two phases. In first phase the homeopathic medicines aims to reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks. In second phase homeopathic medicines works to eradicate the chronic tendency to migraines.  From my personal experience the best homeopathic medicines for migraine headache prevention are – Belladonna, Glonoinum, Nux Vomica, Iris Versicolor and Epiphegus.

Homeopathic Medicines for Migraine Headaches

The top five homeopathic medicines for migraine headaches are Belladonna, Glonoine, Nux Vomica, Iris, and Epiphegus

1.Belladonna – One of the Top Homeopathic Medicines For Migraine Headaches

Belladonna is one of the best homeopathic medicines for migraine treatment. In my clinical practice I have seen huge number of migraine cases recovering wonderfully with the use of Belladonna. The highlighting feature for using Belladonna in migraine is headache of severe, throbbing, bursting nature. The migraine that indicate the use of Belladonna have some typical aggravating factors. These aggravating factors include sensitivity to light, noise, jar, cold air exposure. Belladonna is also prominently indicated for headaches that get better from hard pressure or tightly wrapping the head. Another striking feature for using Belladonna is sudden and violent attacks of headache. Along with headache, redness and heat of the face may also be present.

2.Glonoinum – One of the Best Homeopathic Medicines for Congestive Migraine Headaches

Another great homeopathic medicine for migraine that has helped me in successfully treating number of  cases is Glonoinum. This Homeopathic medicine for migraine headaches is most indicated when a headache of congestive type with fullness and intense pulsations in head is present. Along with this, blood seems to rush to head. Head also feels enormously large from surging of blood to head; Any heat around the head is unbearable. Another characteristic feature that indicates the use Glonoinum is – headaches that trigger or gets worse from heat of sun. Other symptoms indicating use of Glonoinum are headache that gets worse by walking and headache  which gets better from sleep.

3.Iris Versicolor and Nux Vomica – Best Homeopathic Medicines For Migraine headaches With Gastric Disturbances

I would rank Iris Versicolor and Nux Vomica to be the top grade homeopathic medicines for migraine headache when headaches are associated with gastric disturbance. I have used these medicines quite frequently in my clinical practice and got highly favorable results when migraine is associated with gastric issues. The symptoms of high value for selecting Iris Versicolor are – Headache with acidity, burning in any part or whole of the gastrointestinal tract, headache which is attended with sour vomiting. Nux Vomica is also very helpful homeopathic medicine for migraine headaches associated with gastric ailments. The leading symptoms for using Nux Vomica in migraine are – Headache with chronic constipation; headache with piles; headaches with intense nausea/vomiting/bitter belching. In addition to this bloated, distended abdomen with flatulence may also appear. Nux Vomica is also highly suitable homeopathic medicine for migraines that gets triggered from eating heavy, spicy food stuff or stimulants like coffee and alcoholic drinks.

4.Sanguinaria Can and Spigelia – Homeopathic Medicines For Migraine headaches on right and left side respectively

The highly beneficial homeopathic medicines for right and left sided migraine headaches are Sanguinaria Can and Spigelia respectively. The prominent symptom pointing towards use of Sanguinaria is pain in back of head that ascends up and settles over the right eye. Other symptoms indicating the use of Sanguinaria are-  headaches that get better by sleep or vomiting and migraines worse from sun exposure. Spigelia is a wonderful homeopathic medicine for left sided migraine headaches. Indications for the use of  Spigelia is pain in back of head that spreads to whole of left head including temples and eyes. The pain may be of throbbing, pulsating and pressing type.

5.Epiphegus – Homeopathic Medicine For Migraine headaches From Mental/Physical Exhaustion

I have seen excellent results with Epiphegus  in migraine cases where mental/physical exhaustion trigger the migraine attacks. Mental or physical exertion leading to a headache is the most peculiar symptom indicating thr use of Epiphegus. Apart from this, other symptom indicating the use of Epiphegus are- pressing pains in temples, headache when deviating from daily routine work, headache after doing shopping. A strange peculiar symptom where headache gets better by spitting saliva also indicate the use of Epiphegus.

6.Natrum Mur and Cyclamen – Homeopathic Medicines For Migraine headaches With Vision Disturbances

Natrum Mur and Cyclamen leads the chart of homeopathic medicines for migraine headaches with vision disturbances. Natrum Mur is selected when partial blindness or photophobia accompanies headache. While Cyclamen is prescribed when spots seems floating before eyes or there is flickering before eyes with migraine headache.

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