Cluster Headache Homeopathic Treatment : Everything You Need To Know

Cluster headaches refer to one-sided, severe, intense headaches located in or around the eye. These headaches appear in clusters, which means that there is a time period during which a headache appears daily. This is followed by a period of remission during which there are no headaches. The cluster period may last from weeks to months. The remission period may vary from months to years together where no headaches appear. Homeopathic medicine for cluster headache gives excellent results in the treatment of cluster headaches. Spigelia, Cedron and Belladonna are the top medicines used to treat cluster headaches.

During a period of a cluster headache, the person may experience single or many episodes of a headache in a single day. The duration of each episode of ranges from 15 minutes to 180 minutes. The exact cause behind cluster headaches is not yet known. A person with a family history of cluster headaches is at risk to develop the same. The cluster headaches are more common in males as compared to females. Alcohol intake may also trigger the cluster headaches.

Symptoms of Cluster Headaches

The pain in a cluster headache is unilateral, i.e., one-sided and located in or around the eye. This pain may radiate to the head, face or neck. The pain of a cluster headache is most of the times experienced at the same time of the day. The accompanying symptoms include watering from eyes, swelling of eyes and nasal congestion, drooping of eyelids of the same side as that of eye pain.

Homeopathic Medicines for Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are well-treated with natural medicines. These medicines help reduce the intensity and frequency of a cluster headache. With long-term use of medicines, cluster headaches also tend to diminish with no chances of recurrence. These medicines for cluster headaches are always selected individually as per the case based upon the prominent symptom. The leading medicines for treating cluster headaches include Spigelia, Cedron, Belladonna, Ignatia Amara, Sanguinaria Canadensis, Bryonia Alba and Chelidonium Majus. These medicines are prepared from naturally occurring substances and are free from do not cause any side effects.

1. Spigelia – Top Medicine for Cluster Headaches

Spigelia is one of the top grade medicines for treating cluster headaches. The person needing Spigelia has severe pain in and around the eyes. The pain extends deep in the eye sockets. The pain may be of throbbing or intense. Turning the eyes worsens the pain. Thinking about the pain also tends to increase the pain in some cases. Another factor that aggravates the pain is stooping. Along with this, redness and soreness in the eyes are present. Although Spigelia can be used for both right or left cluster headaches, it is most effective for cluster headaches on the left side.

2. Cedron – For Cluster Headache with Scalding Tears

Cedron is a highly effective medicine used to treat a cluster headache. The chief indicating feature to use Cedron is severe pain in or around eyes attended with a scalding flow of tears. Pain in the eyes may be severe or shooting in nature. In some cases, the pain from the eyes may shoot to the nose. The periodicity of pain is also well marked. The frequency of pain is accurate like clock-work; each episode of the pain arises precisely at the same time as the previous attack.

3. Belladonna – for Cluster Headache with Throbbing Pain in the Eye

Belladonna is a well indicated medicine for treating cluster headache when presented with the symptom of a throbbing pain deep in the eyes. Eyes may also seem to protrude. Along with this, redness of the eyes may be present. Belladonna is also helpful when the pain in eyes is of burning or shooting nature. The person needing Belladonna may experience worsening of symptoms from noise.

4. Ignatia Amara – Effective for Cluster Headache with Stabbing Pain Deep in the Eyes

Ignatia Amara is a beneficial medicine used to treat a cluster headache when the person experiences stabbing pain deep in the eyes. A sensation of pressure in the eyes may also be felt. This is attended with a sensation as if the eyes would fall out. Along with this, redness, flowing of tearing and burning in the eyes may also be felt. The person needing Ignatia Amara suffers from a periodical headache that can occur every week, fortnight or every month.

5. Sanguinaria Canadensis – Excellent Remedy for Cluster Headache when Pain in Eyes gets Worse from Moving Eyeballs

Sanguinaria Canadensis is a valuable medicine used to treat a cluster headache when the eye pain is worse from moving the eyeballs. Swelling over the eyelids may also be noted. Other attending feature is burning in the eyes followed by copious eye discharge. Congestion of nose or watery discharge from the nose may also be there. Although Sanguinaria can be used for cluster headache of either side, it is most suitable for the right side. Apart from all these indications, Sanguinaria Canadensis is one of the well indicated medicines for headaches that begin in the occiput, and ascend upwards, finally settling over the right eye.

6. Bryonia Alba and Spigelia –  for Cluster Headaches on Left Side

Bryonia alba and Spigelia are among the important medicines used to treat a cluster headache that develops on the left side. Bryonia alba is useful when there is a sharp needle-like pain in the left eye. Aversion to light may also be present. Bryonia alba is also indicated for an aching, pulsating pain in the left eye.

Spigelia is helpful for severe, pressing pain in and around the left eye that extends deep into the orbit. Redness, soreness, and lachrymation of acrid nature may also be present along with eye-pain on the left side.

7. Chelidonium Majus and Sanguinaria Canadensis – For Cluster Headache on the Right Side

Chelidonium Majus and Sanguinaria Canadensis are prominently indicated medicine for treating cluster headache on the right side. Chelidonium Majus is indicated when there is a right-sided pain in and above eyes, along with a profuse flow of tears from the eyes. Pressure over the eye may relieve the pain. In most cases, the pain may be of shooting nature. Burning and soreness in the right eye may also be present.

Sanguinaria Canadensis is useful in cases where there is a pain in the right eye that gets worse from the motion of the eye. Congestion of nose or watery discharge from the nose may also be present.

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