Top 4 Homeopathic Medicines for Mouth Ulcers

An ulcer is a lesion where skin or mucous membrane show breakage with loss of surface tissue. Mouth ulcers are the ulcers that develop in the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Mouth ulcers are also known as aphthous ulcers or canker sores. These ulcers are common, and everybody tends to experience these at least once or twice. Homeopathic medicine for mouth ulcers helps reduce the pain and irritation in the ulcers, and also help treat them effectively.

Causes of Mouth Ulcers

No specific cause is known to cause mouth ulcers. But there are some factors mentioned below that are linked with the development of mouth ulcers:

  • Trauma to the oral cavity from rubbing on sharp tooth edges, dentures, braces, accidental biting of cheek/tongue, taking very hot food/drinks.
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12, iron, or zinc.
  • Excessive intake of highly spiced food, citrus fruits, coffee, and chocolates.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases like Crohn’s disease, IBS.
  • Certain medications like NSAID’s.
  • Bacterial, viral or fungal infections.
  • Aphthous stomatitis.
  • Malignancy and HIV infection.

Symptoms of Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers present as sores in the oral cavity (on the tongue, inside cheeks, inside the lips, on gums or soft palate). Mouth ulcers present as round white, yellow or grey colored ulcers and may be surrounded with red colored border. The margin of an ulcer may be clearly defined or irregular. Pain and burning sensation may be present in mouth ulcers. The person may have difficulty in talking and eating due to the pain.

Homeopathic Treatment of Mouth Ulcers

Homeopathic mode of treatment is highly effective for both acute and chronic mouth ulcers. Homeopathic medicines help soothe the pain, burning sensation, inflammation in mouth ulcers as well as healing of mouth ulcers. Homeopathic medicines also work best in eradicating the tendency of recurrent mouth ulcers. Homeopathic medicines that are clinically proven to give good treatment for mouth ulcers are Merc Sol, Borax, Nitric Acid, and Arsenic Album.

Homeopathic Medicines for Mouth Ulcers

Merc Sol – Top Homeopathic Medicine for Mouth Ulcers

Merc Sol is indicated for ulcers on the tongue, inside of cheeks, and on the gums. The ulcers are white colored with undefined borders, surrounded by a dark margin. Along with ulcers, a sweet metallic taste in the mouth and increased production of saliva may be present. Offensive odor from the mouth may also be noticed. These symptoms may be accompanied by an increased thirst for large quantity of water.

Borax – Homeopathic Medicine for Tender Mouth Ulcers

Borax is an excellent homeopathic medicine that is used to treat aphthous ulcers in the mouth, tongue, and inside the cheeks. Aphthae are extremely tender and can cause a feeling of heat in the mouth. The mouth ulcers are extremely sore and painful to touch. Borax is also one of the majorly indicated homeopathic medicines for aphthae that occur after taking sour and salty food. Sometimes the ulcers may also bleed on touch or while eating. Borax is also helpful for mouth ulcers in children that are very tender and prevent them from nursing. It is also recommended for old people who use dentures and develop mouth ulcers as a result.

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Medicine for Mouth Ulcers with Burning Pain

Arsenic Album is a homeopathic medicine for mouth ulcers that cause a burning pain. There may be dryness in the mouth, and an unusual craving for warm drinks, along with a metallic taste in the mouth.

Nitric Acid – Homeopathic Medicine for Mouth Ulcers on Soft Palate

For ulcers present on the soft palate, homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid is recommended. Ulcers on the soft palate may cause peculiar, sharp splinter-like pains. The ulcers may have irregular, zig-zag edges and produce a putrid odor. The pain gets worse from contact.

Other Important Homeopathic Medicines For Mouth Ulcers

Lachesis is a homeopathic medicine for mouth ulcers that is indicated for aphthous ulcers in the mouth with a sensation of burning and rawness. Along with the ulcers, a coppery, peppery or sour taste in the mouth may also be present.

Homeopathic medicine Hydrastis is indicated for ulcers on the tongue along with a scalded feeling. Fissures on the edges of the tongue may also be present.

Kali Iod is a homeopathic medicine for mouth ulcers that are white in color, and look as if they are coated with milk.

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