Treat Pilonidal Cyst and Sinus with Homeopathic medicines and Avoiding Surgery

Pilonidal Cyst and its Causes

Homeopathic medicines for pilonidal cyst

Homeopathic medicines for pilonidal cyst

A cyst that forms at the cleft of the buttocks near the tail bone is known as a Pilonidal Cyst. The cyst contains hair and skin debris and looks like a pimple on the tailbone. It arises when hair penetrates the skin due to friction and the body, considering it to be foreign substance, forms a cyst around it. Homeopathic Medicine for Pilonidal Cyst offers a safe, gentle and effective method of treatment that helps clear up the problem.

Various risk factors make a person predisposed to develop a Pilonidal Cysts. These include extended sitting hours, excessive body hair, increased body weight (obesity), extreme motorcycle riding, long driving hours, injury to the tail bone area and young age. Males are more prone to suffer from Pilonidal Cyst as compared to females.

Symptoms of Pilonidal Cysts

Sometimes Pilonidal Cysts do not show any signs or symptoms. However, they usually appear with swelling and pain at the cleft of the buttock. Redness and itching also appear. Discomfort while sitting  and drainage of pus or blood from the cyst may also occur. The pus may be white or yellow and have an offensive odour. Fever may also appear along with the above symptoms in some cases.

Homeopathic Treatment for Pilonidal Cyst

Homeopathic medicines for Pilonidal Cysts work in a very safe, gentle and effective manner and prevent the need for surgical procedures. These medicines are of natural origin, and raise the body’s self-healing powers to fight the infection naturally. Homeopathic medicines help manage the symptoms like pain, itching and discomfort. Along with this, these medicines also help clear out the pus discharge from the cyst.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Pilonidal Cysts

Among a long therapeutic list for treating Pilonidal Cysts, the top rated seven homeopathic medicines with their characteristic features are:

Silicea –Homeopathic Medicine for Pilonidal Cysts

Silicea is a homeopathic medicine used to treat pilonidal cysts. The primary symptom that indicates the use of Silicea is a purulent discharge. The pus discharge may be offensive and fetid. In addition, hardness and swelling at the cleft of the buttock is present. Itching during the daytime may also occur. Silicea helps reduce the swelling and aids in expulsion of the hair and the pus from the cyst, bringing about recovery in a natural, gentle way.

Hepar Sulph –Homeopathic Medicine for Pilonidal Cyst with Pain

Hepar Sulph is a homeopathic medicine for Pilonidal Cyst when there is pain present in the cyst. The pain is throbbing, beating, stinging or pricking in nature. The skin above the cyst feels inflamed and hot. It is also very sensitive and sore to touch. In the majority of the cases the pain gets worse at night. Exposure to cold air also worsens the pain. Blood-stained pus discharge (that smells like old cheese), may arise.

Myristica Sebifera –Homeopathic Medicine for Pilonidal Cyst 

Myristica Sebifera is a homeopathic medicine used for the treatment of Pilonidal Cyst. This is a natural medicine prepared from a plant of the Myristicaceae family. This medicine helps hasten the suppuration and helps bring about complete recovery. Its use prevents surgical intervention in most cases. Apart from Pilonidal Cysts, Myristica works wonders in treating suppurative diseases like boils, abscess, carbuncles, anal fistula, and Whitlow.

Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine for Pilonidal Cyst with Pus Discharge

Merc Sol is a homeopathic medicine used to treat Pilonidal Cyst in the late stages when the pus begins to get discharged. The pus discharge is profuse, acrid and sticky. This medicine hastens the healing process and aids in quick recovery. The affected area is also sore and painful to touch. Itching may also be present. An increased, foul-smelling sweat on the body may appear. The symptoms worsen at night in most cases. Warmth tends to worsen all the complaints.

Calcarea Sulph – Homeopathic Medicine for Pilonidal Sinus with Yellow Pus Discharge

Calcarea Sulph is a major medicine for Pilonidal sinus with yellow pus discharge. The discharge is thick and lumpy. Calcarea Sulph helps in controlling pus formation. In some cases, the pus discharge may also be bloodstained.

Phosphorus –Homeopathic Medicine for Pilonidal Sinus with Bloody Discharge

Phosphorus is a homeopathic medicine for Pilonidal Cyst treatment that is recommended in cases where there is a bloody discharge. The blood is thin and profuse. Burning in the surrounding skin may also appear. Phosphorus being an excellent anti-hemorrhagic remedy helps control the bloody discharge and also contributes towards healing the Pilonidal Cyst. It is also useful in cases where healing has taken place in the past, and there is a relapse with bloody discharge. Phosphorus is helpful in cases of Pilonidal sinus with colourless and fetid pus.

Lycopodium Clavatum – Homeopathic Medicine for Pilonidal Cyst/Sinus with Milky White Pus 

Lycopodium Clavatum is a homeopathic medicine for Pilonidal sinus where there is a milky-white pus discharge. The discharge has a putrid smell. Burning and stitching pain is felt in the affected area and warmth worsens the pain. Fever with alternate chills and heat may occur. This medicine is used in cases where the cyst recurs periodically.

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