Homeopathic Medicines for Disc Bulge

Backache, pain in the neck, and even in the legs and arms can all be related to something not being right with the bones in the back. The bones in the back are called vertebrae, that make the spine. Inter-vertebral discs present between vertebrae act as shock absorbers and allow flexibility of spine. But with advanced age due to wear and tear or injury, these discs begin to degenerate with signs of dryness and breakage. This disc degeneration leads to disc bulging out ( disc prolapse ) and compressing the nerves emitting out of Spinal cord. Although disc bulge or disc prolapse can take place in any part of spine, but cervical (refers to neck) disc and lumbar (refers to lower back) disc are most frequently involved. The most common symptom due to disc bulge is lower backache (Lumbago) when the lumbar disc prolapses . The pain from lower back can radiate down the legs,and is referred to as Sciatica. When the cervical disc is involved, it leads to pain in the neck that may extend to arms and hands. Numbness, tingling or weakness may also accompany pain in back, legs, neck and arms.The Homeopathic mode of treatment can be very beneficial in disc bulge cases. Homeopathic medicines for disc bulge, not only provides relief to a person afflicted with the disease,but also puts a stop to the further progress of disc prolapse. The Homeopathic medicines are made of natural substances and have zero side effects.

Homeopathic treatment for Disc bulge or Disc Prolapse

The disc already prolapsed cannot be brought back to original, but the Homeopathic mode of treatment can surely help in halting further disc degeneration process. The main aim of natural Homeopathic remedies is to provide pain relief, in addition to preventing further disc damage. The Homeopathic medicines  for disc bulge is entirely based on particular symptoms described by each patient. Homeopathic treatment is good enough to save the patient from surgery.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Disc bulge or Disc Prolapse

Rhus Tox: One Top Homeopathic medicines for disc bulge where motion brings relief from backache

Rhus Tox is the best and most frequently used natural Homeopathic medicine to treat pain in lower back or Lumbago. Rhus Tox is the ideal Homeopathic remedy if a person gets relief from lower back pain through motion. The person needing Rhus Tox complains of pain in lower back which gets worse by sitting. Lying down or any rest position also worsens the pain. Such individuals get relief from motion or by walking. Rhus Tox is also a wonderful natural Homeopathic medicine for relieving stiffness in the spine. The stiffness gets worse after a period of rest and better by walking. The persons who have pain in lower back that gets worse by lifting can also greatly benefit by Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox.

Bryonia: Homeopathic medicine for Disc Bulge when lower backache that gets better by resting

Persons who have lower backache which gets better by taking rest will find natural Homeopathic remedy Bryonia of great help. Such persons experience worsening of pain in back from a slight motion or walking. Stiffness and rigidity also accompany pain in back. The pain forces the patient to sit or walk or bend. Such persons have difficulty in holding an upright position. Lumbago or pain in lower back thus gets better by rest and aggravated from motion or walking. Along with these symptoms, the person may have an increased thirst for large quantities of water.

Colocynth and Magnesium Phos: Homeopathic medicines for Disc Bulge causing  Sciatica

Sciatica refers to pain in the lower back radiating down to lower limb due to the nerve pressing between the damaged discs. Colocynth and Magnesium Phos are the best homeopathic medicines for sciatica. Colocynth is mainly prescribed for left-side Sciatica cases. The persons needing Colocynth have severe pain in the lower back extending down the left lower limb. The pain mostly gets better by pressure or heat application for using Colocynth. Magnesium Phos, on the other hand, is the best Homeopathic remedy to relieve Sciatica of the right side. For using Magnesium Phos, the Sciatica pains can be of varying nature like stitching, shooting or cutting. The person for whom Magnesium Phos can be very beneficial gets relief from Sciatica pain by applying pressure or warmth. To get best results, Magnesium Phos should be taken by dissolving it in hot water.

Gnaphalium: Homeopathic medicine for Disc Prolapse Causing Sciatica pains with numbness

Gnaphalium is the top natural Homeopathic medicine to treat Sciatica pains accompanied by numbness. Gnaphalium is of great helpf or all those persons who have a dominant complaint of severe Sciatica pains with a numb feeling. Gnaphalium is a Homeopathic remedy that is very beneficial for degenerative disc disease presenting itself with Sciatic nerve impingement, leading to pain and numbness.

Phosphorus: Homeopathic medicines for disc bulge with burning feeling in spine region

Phosphorus is a natural Homeopathic remedy of great help in treating spine cases. Phosphorus is the best remedy for disc bulge when when burning in spine accompanies the other symptoms, including backache. The most important indication for using Phosphorus is lower backache that worsens when rising from a stooping posture. Getting up from a seat after prolonged sitting also seems to heighten the pain. The persons needing Homeopathic remedy Phosphorus have a burning sensation in spine as well. A broken feeling in spine also dominates.

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