Top Homeopathic Medicines for Enlarged Adenoids

Homeopathic Medcine for Adenoids

Homeopathic Medcine for Adenoids

What are adenoids?

Adenoids refer to the mass of lymphatic tissue located at the junction of the back of nose and throat. They are also known by the name of nasopharyngeal tonsils. Adenoids are a part of the immune system. They trap and destroy pathogens. Along with tonsils, they form the first line of defense against infection. Unlike tonsils, adenoids are not directly visible to the eye and can only be observed through a scan.

What is the function of adenoids in the body?

The main function of adenoids is to protect the body against bacteria and viruses that enter via the nose. Adenoids start growing after birth and continue to grow until a child reaches 5-7 years of age. This is physiological and not a pathological growth. Adenoids have a purpose to serve at this age. In children, the immune system is not yet fully developed to fight infection. By the time the child is 7-8 years of age, the adenoids start to shrink. They completely disappear by the late teens or adulthood. By this time, the immune system has developed fully. The adenoids now have no use. However, where adenoids become enormously enlarged pathologically, they become a problem for the children and throw up uncomfortable symptoms.

Why do adenoids become enlarged?

Adenoids mainly become enlarged due to recurrent upper respiratory tract infections. In the normal course of things, the adenoids fight infection by swelling up and becoming temporarily enlarged. Once the infection subsides, they too come back to their normal size. But, in cases where the respiratory tract infections start to occur very frequently, at short intervals, the adenoids grow into a state of persistent and chronic enlargement. This is because the child catches another infection before fully recovering from the first one. The adenoids do not get the time to return to their normal size, resulting in their chronic enlargement. This excessive and persistent enlargement leads to many symptoms. The symptoms include a stuffy nose, mouth breathing, snoring, sleep apnea (brief period of pauses in breathing during sleep), dryness of mouth, offensive odour from mouth. The child may also feel sleepy, drowsy during the day and have trouble concentrating. Mouth breathing in long term leads to adenoid facies with features such as an elongated face, prominent incisors (teeth), high arched palate, short lip and elevated nostrils. Ear infections and hearing difficulties from pressure on the eustachian tubes may also arise.

Homeopathic treatment for enlarged adenoids

Conventional mode of medicine treats adenoids as a case for surgical intervention. Adenoids must be removed surgically, they believe. However, adenoids have a tendency to regrow. Homeopathy offers an alternative to surgery, against even recurrent adenoids. The results are promising, lasting. Homeopathic medicines can completely, safely and effectively remove enlarged adenoids. Homeopathic medicines attack the problem at the root, provide symptomatic relief and in time, shrink and remove adenoids. The medicines are easy to administer and have a powerful positive effect on the condition. In fact, Homeopathic medicines strengthen the body’s own restorative processes, making it strong enough to fight disease. This puts a check on the repetitive tendency to catch respiratory tract infections, which is a major cause of adenoids. Once the cause is dealt with, the chronic tendency towards regrowth of adenoids disappears for good.

Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids

Baryta Carb – Top rated among Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids with tendency to catch cold

Baryta Carb is one of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids. It is used to treat several other ailments in children as well. Baryta Carb works wonders in enlarged adenoids cases where the child has a tendency to catch cold very easily. Every exposure to cold causes adenoids to enlarge. Tonsils, too, may also be enlarged in such cases.  Pain in throat, difficulty swallowing, nose blockage, mouth breathing and dryness of mouth are well marked. Excessive drowsiness and concentration difficulties in children are observed. A child who needs prescribing Baryta Carb may also have overall slow development. Development on both the mental and physical level may be retarded. Increased foot sweat of offensive nature is another key feature.

Calcarea Carb and Natrum Mur – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids based on a child’s constitution

Calcarea Carb and Natrum Mur are rated among the super effective Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids. Calcarea Carb is mainly suited to children of fatty, flabby constitution who have enlarged adenoids. A child needing Calcarea Carb will catch a cold easily, have a blocked nose sometimes alternating with yellow discharge, offensive odour in nose, mucopurulent ear discharge, hardness of hearing. Other well marked features are excessive sweating on the scalp and neck. Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur is mainly considered a good prescription for thin, emaciated children with enlarged adenoids. In this case, the children have a tendency towards chronic upper respiratory infection with marked sneezing, fluent, thin watery nasal discharges. A child needing Natrum Mur does not gain weight and loses flesh in spite of having a good appetite.

Agraphis Nutans – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids with prominent ear complaints

Agraphis Nutans tops the list of Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids with ear complaints. Ear complaints such as deafness and ear discharges (otorrhea) can be managed very well with Agraphis Nutans. Nasal blockage may be present. Tonsils may also be enlarged in such cases.

Ammonium Carb and Sambucus Nigra – Excellent Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids with marked nasal blockage and mouth breathing

Ammonium Carb and Sambucus Nigra are highly effective Homeopathic medicines for adenoids with marked nasal blockage and resultant mouth breathing. A child that needs prescribing Ammonium Carb may also have epistaxis episodes. Homeopathic medicine Sambucus Nigra is indicated for nasal blockage with marked suffocation. The nasal obstruction gets worse at night. The child wakes up suddenly several times during the night due to nasal blockage and suffocation.

Opium and China Officinalis – Super effective Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids with intense snoring

Opium and China Officinalis are highly useful Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids where they lead to intense snoring. Opium is helpful when there is deep snoring during sleep. This is attended with rattling and stertorous breathing. The child may also have brief pauses in breathing during sleep. Homeopathic medicine China Officinalis is selected when there is heavy snoring with whining or moaning during sleep. The child needing China Officinalis complains of excessive drowsiness and sleep during the day.

Merc Sol and Kali Mur – Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids with middle ear infections

The most suitable Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids with middle ear infections are Merc Sol and Kali Mur. Merc Sol is indicated when there is thick yellow discharge from the ears. The ear discharge may be blood stained. Offensiveness in the discharge may also be observed. Ear pain is another attending feature. The complaint usually aggravates at night. Kali Mur is another of the well indicated Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids where middle ear infection is accompanied by a white discharge. Deafness from ear catarrh arises. The person complains of noises in the ear.

Kali Sulph – Top grade among Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids where symptoms persist even after adenoids are removed

Kali Sulph is one of the most prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids complaints where symptoms persist even after the adenoids have been surgically removed. The persisting symptoms include nasal blockage, mouth breathing, snoring. Kali Sulph will treat these symptoms effectively. Kali Sulph is also the best Homeopathic prescription for enlarged adenoids with yellow ear discharge that emits foul odour, thick yellow nasal discharge and deafness from blocked eustachian tube.

Tuberculinum and Psorinum – Best Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids that are chronic in nature

Homeopathic medicines are capable of treating chronicity and repeated growth of enlarged adenoids. Two major Homeopathic medicines that effectively treat this tendency are Tuberculinum and Psorinum. Tuberculinum is one of the most useful Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids where recurrent respiratory tract infections lead to the chronic stage. The patient falls ill and develops respiratory problems with the slightest change in weather. This leads to enlargement of adenoids and at times, tonsils and adenoids collectively. Emaciation is an accompanying feature. Yet, in spite of emaciation, the child who needs prescribing Tuberculinum is hyperactive. Psorinum is considered the best choice among Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids that have become chronic where the most well selected medicines only provide temporary relief. The child prescribed Psorinum will have a pale, sickly look, sometimes with foul, filthy body odour. Such children are prone to upper respiratory tract infections. They feel extremely chilly and need to be all covered up even in warm weather. Psorinum is known to increase immunity against catching a cold. Both Tuberculinum and Psorinum treat chronicity by developing immunity against frequent upper respiratory tract infections which are considered a key cause of adenoid enlargement.


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