Best Homeopathic Medicines for Bipolar Disorder

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterised by periods of mania and periods of depression. It was earlier known as manic depressive disorder. The exact cause of bipolar disorder is not yet known, but genetic and environmental factors are said to play a part. Some mental trauma in childhood, sexual abuse, stressful events in life, loss of a loved one and broken relationships are some factors that predispose a person to bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder may start at any age, but mostly begins around 25 years.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder has two phases – the maniac phase and depressive phase. Therefore, its symptoms vary as per the predominant phase. The symptoms of manic phase include high energy levels, happiness, excitement, excessive talking, high self-esteem and decreased need for sleep. Impulsiveness and high sex drive may also be observed. In severe cases, delusions, hallucinations and violent behavior are noted. Symptoms of depressive phase are sadness, crying, lack of interest in activities that the person previously enjoyed, negative outlook towards life, hopelessness, increased/decreased sleep, decreased concentration, fatigue, increased/decreased appetite and feelings of worthlessness. In severe cases, suicidal thoughts/attempts may persist.

Homeopathic treatment of bipolar disorder

Homeopathy has shown marked excellence in treating psychological disorders. Bipolar disorder patients respond just as well to Homeopathic medicines. The medicines are natural and therefore, safe from adverse side-effects. They are not habit forming and can be consumed for long periods of time. The ideal Homeopathic medicine is selected only after analyzing and evaluating the case in detail. However, the results obtained with Homeopathic medicines vary from case to case based on severity and duration. Homeopathic medicines that have shown the most significant improvement in bipolar disorder cases are Ignatia Amara, Lachesis Muta, Veratrum Album, Aurum Metallicum, Staphysagria and Medorrhinum.

Homeopathic medicines for bipolar disorder

Ignatia Amara – Top grade Homeopathic medicine for bipolar disorder in depressive phase

Ignatia Amara is a top grade Homeopathic medicine for depressive phase of bipolar disorder. Persons who need prescribing Ignatia Amara experience episodes of sadness, melancholy, hopelessness, unhappiness and weepiness. Other attending symptoms include a desire for loneliness, brooding in solitude and getting offended easily. A history of grief, disappointments, loss of loved ones or broken relationships are often found to be at the root of such cases. Rapidly altering moods – from sadness to happiness, weeping to laughing – are another unique symptom to look out for while prescribing Ignatia Amara.

Lachesis Muta and Veratrum Album – Best Homeopathic medicines for bipolar disorder in manic phase

Lachesis Muta and Veratrum Album are well indicated Homeopathic medicines for bipolar disorder in its manic phase. Symptoms guiding use of Lachesis Muta are increased mental activity, excitement, irritability, restlessness, violent behaviour, need to do everything rapidly and loud bursts of anger. Other symptoms include excessive talkativeness, mania for work and mania for shopping. Homeopathic medicine Veratrum Album is most useful in case of violent mania with shrieking, desire to cut or tear things. Excessive laughing, scolding and running from place to place are other symptoms such persons will show. This violent mania alternates with silence.

Aurum Metallicum – Effective Homeopathic medicine for bipolar disorder with extreme hopelessness and suicidal thoughts

Aurum Metallicum is an excellent Homeopathic medicine for bipolar disorder where the major symptoms include extreme hopelessness with thoughts of suicide. Persons prescribed Homeopathic medicine Aurum Metallicum will be profoundly sad, melancholic and feel that life is a burden. Their self-esteem is low and they are severely critical of themselves. There is longing for death with constant thoughts of suicide. An attempt to contradict their views is met with fits of anger.

Staphysagria – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for bipolar disorder with sudden bursts of anger

In case of bipolar disorder where persons are given to sudden bursts of anger, Homeopathic medicine Staphysagria is the best prescription. Such persons will have a tendency to suppress anger, but will be given to sudden fits of rage during which they are likely to throw or break things. Poor self-confidence, self-pity, reproaching oneself, getting offended easily and feelings of worthlessness attend. Case analysis will reveal a history of some sort of humiliation, guilt, physical/sexual abuse.

Medorrhinum – Top Homeopathic medicine for bipolar disorder with severe mood swings

Natural and safe, Medorrhinum is the most useful Homeopathic medicine for bipolar disorder with severe and extreme mood changes. Hurriedness, anxiety, restlessness, impatience and abruptness are some other guiding symptoms for its prescription. Other accompanying symptoms are rudeness, excitement and high sex drive. These are usually followed by a depressive phase, where symptoms such as sadness, gloominess, tearfulness and hopelessness predominate. Such persons may be given to drug abuse or alcoholism.


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