Top Grade Homeopathic Medicines For Fever

What is Fever?

Fever or pyrexia refers to an increase in body temperature above normal, which is 37 degree Celsius or 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. In most cases, temperature rises due to an underlying infection – viral or bacterial – or inflammation in body. Where no cause can be ascertained, it is termed as fever of unknown origin. Fever can be low grade, high grade, continuous, intermittent and of remittent type. Symptoms of fever include feeling of heat, chilliness, sweating, body aches, headache and weakness.

Homeopathy Offers Effective Cure For Fever

Homeopathic mode of treatment offers best help in case of fever. Homeopathic medicines for fever of any origin are very effective. They are safe for use among people of all age groups. Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines for fever. However, there is no one medicine for all kinds of fever. The most appropriate prescription is made after taking into account all the symptoms and studying them in detail. Homeopathic prescription is always symptom based and unique to each case. The rare, peculiar symptoms in each case of fever carry high value in selection of medicine. Homeopathic medicines help fight the infectious agent behind fever and bring down temperature to normal in a safe and effective manner.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fever

Nux Vomica and Gelsemium – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for fever with marked chills

Nux Vomica and Gelsemium are both well indicated Homeopathic medicines for fever with marked chill. Nux Vomica is used where a person feels extremely chilly during fever. There is a need to cover up. The chill in the body is accompanied by thirst. Aching back and limbs are observed. The key symptoms for the prescription of Gelsemium are trembling in the body from chilliness during fever while the hands and feet are cold. The chill is most intense in the back. In contrast to Nux Vomica, the chill is the body is not accompanied by a feeling of thirst. Gelsemium is the best among Homeopathic medicines for fever where this last unique symptom is observed.

Belladonna – Best among Homeopathic medicines for fever with marked heat

Belladonna is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for fever where heat is marked. The skin feels extremely hot to touch. The face is red and flushed with heat. The pulse is full, strong and bounding. In a few cases, the heat may alternate with shivering chills. Along with heat, severe throbbing and pulsating headache may be complained of.  Belladonna is also one of the excellent Homeopathic medicines for fever attended by a sore throat and tonsillitis.

Natrum Mur and Merc Sol – Effective Homeopathic medicines for fever with much sweating

Natrum Mur and Merc Sol work very effectively in fever with much sweating. Natrum Mur is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for fever where the fever with chills is followed by heat, sweating and weakness. The sweat may be sour smelling. Thirst increases and sweating relieves the aches felt during fever. Natrum Mur is also one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for fever suppressed by excessive quinine. Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol is helpful where fever is attended by copious sweat appearing day and night. The sweat is fetid, and sometimes oily. But, in contrast to Natrum Mur, rather than relieve the fever related symptoms, the sweat increases the discomfort in such cases where Merc Sol will work best.

Rhus Tox and Eupatorium Perfoliatum – Top rated Homeopathic medicines for fever with intense body pains

Both Rhus Tox and Eupatorium Perfoliatum are prominent Homeopathic medicines for fever with intense body aches. Rhus Tox works wonders to relieve aching pain felt in the muscles during fever. The body aches are attended with great restlessness. Here, heat and shivering alternate. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is suitable for relieving pain in the limbs, muscles and bones during fever. The body feels sore and bruised from pains in such cases. Pain in the bones is so intense they typically feel broken. Pain during malaria and influenza are also treated very well with Eupatorium Perfoliatum. Eupatorium Perfoliatum also tops the list of Homeopathic medicines for fever such as dengue.

Bryonia and Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicines for fever with thirst

For fever with thirst, Bryonia and Arsenic Album are the most suited Homeopathic medicines. Bryonia is selected where excessive thirst for water is felt during fever and the mouth feels excessively dry from thirst at all times. The person consumes large quantities of water. Among the wide range of Homeopathic medicines on offer for these symptoms, Arsenic Album is the best prescription where excessive thirst is present along with the fever but the person consumes small quantities of water at short intervals, usually taking small sips at frequent intervals.

Pulsatilla and Gelsemium – Top Homeopathic medicines for fever without thirst

Pulsatilla and Gelsemium are valuable Homeopathic medicines for fever without thirst. Pulsatilla is indicated where thirst is totally absent during fever. The mouth feels dry, yet there is no desire to drink water.  Heat and cold are felt in different parts of the body. Desire for cold air is observed. Gelsemium shows best results in case of fever with complete absence of thirst, but where chill predominates. Prostration, dullness and drowsiness are well marked in such cases.

Belladonna and Bryonia – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for fever with severe headache

For fever with severe headache, Belladonna and Bryonia show wonderful results. Belladonna is useful where severe, congestive, bursting headache appears during fever. There is much fullness, pulsing, throbbing sensation in the head during fever. Pressure may provide relief from headache. Bryonia is another of the well indicated Homeopathic medicines for fever with headache. It works well where movement of the head worsens the headache. In some cases, movement of eyeballs and stooping also worsen the headache.

Arsenic Album and Gelsemium – Homeopathic medicines for fever with profound weakness

Arsenic Album and Gelsemium are suitable Homeopathic medicines for fever with weakness. Symptoms for using Arsenic Album are fever with complete exhaustion, anxiety and restlessness. Periodicity is marked with weakness and exhaustion. Heavy thirst during fever is observed in cases where Arsenic Album will work as the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for fever. The key symptoms guiding use of Gelsemium in fever are – chilliness, weakness, drowsiness, dullness and profound prostration. Dizziness may also be observed. There is absence of thirst.

Aconite and Belladonna – Valuable Homeopathic medicines for high grade fever

Aconite and Belladonna are excellent Homeopathic medicines for high grade fever. Aconite is used in sudden high fever. The fever is accompanied by marked anxiety, restlessness, tossing and turning in bed. Thirst for large quantities of water also attends these symptoms. Fever from sudden exposure of a draught of air is another strong indication that Aconite will show best results. Symptoms guiding use of Belladonna in high grade fever are – intense burning heat in body, headache, flushed face. The pulse is strong, full and bounding. Thirst is usually absent.

Phosporic Acid and Arnica – Best Homeopathic medicines for low grade fever

Phosphoric Acid and Arnica are most appropriate Homeopathic medicines for low grade fever. Phosphoric Acid is helpful when low grade fever is attended with debility, weakness, stupidity and dullness. Arnica needs consideration in low grade fever when sore, bruised aches are felt all over the body. The bed feels hard while lying down, with a need to change place constantly. A very peculiar feature is heat in the upper part of the body while the lower part feels cold.


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