Top Homeopathic Medicines for Treating Sciatica

The pain radiating along the course of the sciatic nerve is referred to as sciatica. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve beginning in the lower back and running through the hip, down the leg to the feet on the posterior (back) side. The sciatic nerve is present on either side of the lower limb (at the back). The sciatica pain begins in the lower back and travels down the lower limbs. Homeopathic medicine for sciatica works by treating the root cause of the problem and decreasing the incidents of pain.

Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica arises due to pinching or compression of the sciatic nerve due to different reasons. The major causes include a trauma/injury to the spine, disc herniation (a condition where the outer portion of the vertebral disc gets torn, causing the inner part to protrude out), degenerative disc disease, bony outgrowths (spur) on the vertebra, and in rare cases, tumors compressing the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica and Its Accompanying Symptoms

Sciatica is a symptom and not a disease in itself. Sciatica is pain beginning in lower back radiating down the hip and the lower limb. Sciatica pain may be sharp, shooting or electric shock-like pain. Other symptoms that may accompany pain are numbness, tingling, muscle weakness in the affected lower limb.

Role of Homeopathic Treatment of Sciatica

Homeopathy offers an effective and natural treatment for sciatica. Homeopathy medicines for sciatica are selected on the presenting symptoms of a person for complete recovery. These medicines work wonders in sciatica even in worst cases of sciatica. These medicines in sciatica can also save a person from surgical intervention if opted well in time. They are highly reliable, safe to use and runs no risk of dependency.

1. Colocynth – For Sciatica of Left Side

Colocynth is prepared from a plant named Bitter Apple of family Cucurbitaceae.
Colocynth is a wonderful medicine for left sided sciatica. There is a pain in the left hip which travels down to the upper part of the thigh. Sharp shooting pains can travel down to the leg in some cases. Pain is constricting, stitching, tearing and pressing in nature. Pains are so intense that they prevent a patient from walking. The part affected is very sensitive to touch. The patient feels better by resting and also by the warmth of the bed. There is a burning sensation from the sacrum down the course of sciatic nerve up to the knee. The patient is unable to lie down, sit or walk properly. Pains appear suddenly and very frequently. The patient faces extreme difficulty when attempting to make the first move, but becomes better with motion. However, continued motion causes the pains to start in the left leg. Even the slightest movement causes extreme pain. Usually, the complaints become worse at night. The patient cannot bear pressure on the sciatic nerve; even a gentle touch worsens the pains. Numbness is present along with the pains on the course of the sciatic nerve. Patient occasionally feels lightning-like pains which start from the small of the back and run down to the heels. Heat makes the pains better.

2. Magnesia Phos – For Sciatica of Right Side

Magnesia Phos is a medicine for right-sided sciatica. The person feels excruciating and spasmodic pains. Pains are usually shifting in nature. Neuralgic pains which continuously keep on changing sides, pain that starts during the night, a need to change position continuously and pain that appears as lightning and shoots down from back to thighs are the typical symptoms.
Feels cramps in the whole lower limb which usually starts after exertion. The pains get better by warmth.

Gnaphalium – For Sciatica Alternating with numbness

Gnaphalium is prepared from a plant ‘cud-weed’ of the family Composite.

Gnaphalium is an excellent medicine for sciatica where numbness appears once sciatic pains have subsided. Pains are intense, darting, cutting in nature, beginning from the hip joint and radiating downward towards the foot. Pains are usually worse while lying down. There is discomfort while taking steps and during motion. The person feels better by sitting in a chair.

Rhus Tox – For Sciatica that Improves with Continued Motion

Rhustox is prepared from the plant Rhustoxicodendron of the family Anacardiaceae.
Rhustox is an excellent medicine for sciatica which improves with continued motion. The tearing pains are present from hip to knee. Dull aching pains which usually get worse towards the night. Pains typically start after overwork or exertion. Pains get worse when still or attempting to move. The pain is relieved by putting pressure, by rubbing and when warmed by exercise. The pains tend to get worse during cold or damp weather. Acts well in cases where pains appear every few weeks.

Bryonia Alba – For Sciatica which is Worse by Motion

Bryonia is prepared from a plant ‘Wild hops’ of family Cucurbitaceae.

Bryonia is the most suited medicine in cases where sciatic pains become worse during motion. There is a pain in the lumbar region extending down to the thigh. The patient feels worse sitting up and by slight movement. Complete rest and lying on the painful side helps relieve the pain. The pain is stitching, shooting in character. There is a weariness in the thighs.

Lachesis – For Sciatica which is Worse at Night

Lachesis is a medicine for sciatica which gets worse during the night. Pain starts from the sacrum and travels down to thighs till the foot. Pains are usually intolerable and shooting in nature. Sciatic pains are followed by a sensation of intense heat in the affected parts. Pains start at night, appear suddenly and disappear gradually and change location frequently.

Hypericum – For Sciatica after Injury to Sciatic Nerve

Hypericum is prepared from the plant St. John’s wort of the Hypericaceae family.

Hypericum acts very well in cases where sciatica has started after an injury to the sciatic nerve. Pains are neuralgic, sharp, cutting, darting in nature and run along the course of the nerve. The injuries to the nerves cause great pains.

Lycopodium Clavatum – For Sciatica with Weakness and Stiffness

Lycopodium is prepared from the plant ‘Club Moss’ of family Lycopodiaceae.
Lycopodium works well in treating cases where weakness and stiffness of affected parts are marked. Pains start from the hip and extend down to the leg and foot, causing limping. Sciatic pains are burning and stinging in character and appear intermittently. The patient is unable to lie on the painful side. Sciatica is worse by rest and gets slightly better by motion.

Ledum Palustre – For Sciatica Worse by Warmth

Ledum Pal is prepared from a plant named ‘Wild Rosemary’ of the family Ericaceae.
Ledum pal acts well in cases where sciatic pains get worse by warmth. There is pain from lower back down to the leg along with weakness and heaviness of the affected parts. The affected limb usually has a lower temperature as compared to the rest of the body. The pains are followed by swelling of the feet and limbs.

Tellurium – For Sciatica that gets worse on Lying on the Affected Side

Tellurium acts well in cases of sciatica in which pain gets worse when lying on the affected side. Pains usually radiate from the sacrum down to the thigh along the sciatic nerve. There are bruised pains in hip occurring after walking. Pains are worse when pressing at the stool. The patient may also experience a worsening of pains when coughing or laughing.

Valeriana – For Sciatic Pains that are Intolerable while Standing

Valeriana is prepared from the plant Valerian of the family Valerianaceae.
Valeriana is a medicine used in cases where the patient experiences extreme sciatic pains while standing. There are cramping, tearing and darting pains in the thigh. There is a sharp cramp-like pain especially in calves, which gets better during the morning and when rubbing the affected part. The patient feels extreme pain while attempting to straighten out the limb when standing.

Kalium Iod – For Sciatica that gets better by Flexing the Leg

Kali Iod is a medicine used in cases where sciatica gets better by flexing the leg. The pains are gnawing, aching, tearing in nature. Pains are present usually in the thigh and leg but sometimes can travel down to the heels. The patient usually experiences trouble during the first motion, but after moving for some time, the pain is reduced. Pains usually occur during the night, preventing sleep. Sleeping on a chair or a semi-reclined position feels comfortable. Pains become intolerable by lying on the affected side. There is extreme tiredness due to lack of rest and the pain s get worse upon standing but get better by walking.

Ruta Graveleons – For Sciatica with Deep-Seated Pains

Ruta is prepared from a plant Garden rue of family Rutaceae.
Ruta is a beneficial medicine in cases of sciatica where deep pains are present. Shooting type of pains from back to hips and thighs are felt and can be relieved by walking about. The pains are burning and corrosive in nature and get worse by sitting, lying down at night. These pains get aggravated during damp and cold weather.

Arnica – For Sciatica after a Fall

Arnica is prepared from a plant named ‘Leopard’s Bane’ of family Composite. Arnica can be very helpful in treating the cases of sciatica where there are sciatic pains in the hips after a fall. Sciatica can get worse after exertion or walking for long distances. There is a feeling of tingling and lameness in the lower limbs. The patient has to change position more often for relief.

Cotyledon – For Sciatica with Stinging Pain

Cotyledon is prepared from the plant ‘Penny Wort’ of the family Crassulaceae. Cotyledon acts well in cases where a stinging pain in the hip region runs along the course of sciatic nerve. Aching in the back, thighs and all joints is present. Aching in thighs is followed by numbness. Legs feel extremely heavy and sore.

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