8 Natural Homeopathic Remedies That Help You Relieve Stress

Stress is a part of life, and everyone experiences it from time to time. With some basic lifestyle changes and the right mental attitude, stress can be handled well enough. Stress is the cumulative result of a variety of factors. The most common ones include a busy schedule, job or career issues, complicated relationships, problems with family members, financial crisis, chronic illness, or the death or loss of a loved one. Homeopathic medicines for stress management are selected individually to determine the constitutional treatment that offers the best results. Among various remedies available, Kali Phos, Ignatia, and Natrum Mur are the best remedies used for holistic treatment of stress.

Over time, stress can manifest itself through symptoms like a persistent headache, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, anger outburst, irritability, sadness, depression, social withdrawal, lack of focus/concentration, stomach problems, change in sex drive and changes in appetite. Stress can be acute or become a chronic issue. Acute stress is short-lived and usually gets resolved without any treatment. Long-term chronic stress, however, may become a deep-rooted problem. Most people need help to overcome it. It also tends to affect the mental and physical health of the person. Chronic stress can predispose a person to certain medical conditions like depression, anxiety, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes mellitus. Everyday stress management is essential to prevent the lingering adverse effects of stress.

Homeopathic Medicines for Stress

Homeopathy remedies are made of natural substances, and they offer great help for stress management. They help to relax the mind and enable recovery at a physiological level. These medicines can be taken safely without any side effects, and they carry no risk of drug-dependency. Once the condition has been resolved, the medication can be stopped and taken sporadically, if required.

1. Kali Phos – Natural Medicine for Stress

Kali Phos for stress is used as a natural remedy which is highly suitable for people who are oversensitive, nervous and delicate, and tend to take stress about every little thing. It helps manage stress and tension arising from cares, worries, overwork and an overstrained / overburdened mind (usually due to studies and work-related concerns). A person needing Kali Phos tends to be sad, gloomy and has a weariness about life. Such people tend to weep and cry and are always anxious about the future. Weeping and crying may attend. The mind gets dull, the memory becomes poor, and people tend to become forgetful as a result of excessive stress. Difficulties with focus, attention, and concentration may also appear. Kali Phos offers great help to people who are worn out, have low energy levels, and feel extraordinarily exhausted both mentally and physically. Some general symptoms like anxiety, irritability, an aversion to talking, indifferent behavior, and restlessness may also be present in varying degrees. Kali Phos is also an excellent remedy for sleeplessness and insomnia and headaches due to stress.

2.  Ignatia – Effective Remedy for Stress and Sadness

Ignatia is a remedy of plant origin prepared from the ‘St. Ignatius Plant’ of the family Loganiaceae. Ignatia is highly beneficial for treating stress attended with marked sadness. Along with grief, the affected person may have a desire to be alone and be indifferent towards everything. Constant thoughts about disagreeable events from the past tend to remain stuck in the mind. Mood swings, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and heaviness in the head are also present. Ignatia also helps manage ailments arising from acute grief, sorrows, and disappointments and helps restore health.

3. Coffea Cruda – Natural Medicine for Stress and Sleeplessness

Coffea Cruda works well to manage sleeplessness that arises as a result of stress. People needing Coffea Cruda are unable to sleep due to the constant flow of stressful thoughts in the mind. The mind remains highly active, causing sleeplessness. The affected person may toss and turn in bed and stay very restless. Coffea Cruda in such cases can help calm the mind and promote sound sleep.

4. Natrum Mur – Natural Treatment for Chronic Stress

Natrum Mur is a well-indicated natural cure for chronic stress. People with long-term chronic stress tend to remain sad, joyless, irritable and tend to weep by recollecting unpleasant life events. They feel tired of life and prefer to be alone and feel an aversion towards any mental or physical work. They tend to be absent-minded, dull, and anxious. Natrum Mur is also suitable to help a person recover from the effects of chronic grief and regain mental health. It is also used to treat headaches resulting from stress.

5. Arsenic Album – Effective Remedy for Stress and Anxiety

Arsenic Album is a natural remedy for stress management. It is used in cases of stress attended with anxiety issues. Anxieties about various things may be present with anxiety about the future and health being the most prominent. There is also a marked restlessness, and the person is unable to rest. Sweating, trembling and palpitations are some associated physical symptoms that may appear. There may be a fear of death accompanied by intense fatigue. Stress coupled with panic attacks also indicates the need for Arsenic Album.

6. Nux Vomica – Natural Treatment for Anger due to Stress

Nux Vomica is an effective natural remedy for stress that leads to anger outbursts. People needing Nux Vomica are highly irritable and get offended easily, which leads to a sudden outburst of anger. Nux Vomica helps a person cope up with stress, thereby relaxing the mind and assisting with anger management. Such people may be highly sensitive to noise, light, and strong odors. They may be sufferers of chronic stress and anxiety related to work and business. Nux Vomica is also indicated in people having some drug abuse, alcohol abuse, tobacco habit consequent to stress.

7. Sepia – Natural Cure for Stress with Social Withdrawal and Indifference

Sepia is a natural medicine for stress that is used in cases where stress makes a person withdraw socially and become very indifferent. These people may also develop an aversion towards their family members and friends. They constantly worry and remain highly irritable all the time, and may tend to get easily offended. Sepia is also considered to be an effective remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression for women going through their menopausal period and suffer from severe hot flashes.

8. Argentum Nitricum – Medicine for Stress causing Gastric Issues

Argentum Nitricum is a natural remedy for anxiety and gastric problems that arise due to long-term stress. Stress often causes diarrhea, and Argentum is a suitable remedy for such conditions. Argentum Nitricum suits anxious personalities who mainly have anticipatory anxieties, like worrying about attending some upcoming engagement/event, about an examination, a public performance, etc. This remedy is also well indicated for panic attacks resulting from stress and anxiety.

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