Best Homeopathic Medicines for Urethral Stricture

What is urethral stricture?

Narrowing of the passage of urethra leading to restricted urine flow is referred to as urethral stricture. Urethra is the tube that carries urine out of the body from the urinary bladder during micturition. In men, the urethra also serves as a passageway for semen. The urethra in men is longer than in women. The chances of urethral stricture, too, are higher in male subjects as compared to female. The stricture can develop at any point along the urethra. Under normal circumstances, urine flows through the urethra smoothly and freely. However, if from any reason, the urethra becomes narrow and develops a stricture, the urine flow gets obstructed. A major cause of stricture in the urethra is formation of scar tissue. The scar tissue can be formed due to recurrent urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammation of urethra, instrumentation in urethra, injury to urethra and post catheter insertion. Symptoms arising from urethral stricture vary from mild to severe. The major symptoms of urethral stricture are weak urine flow or stream, straining to urinate, frequent urge to pass urine, pain while passing urine, inability to retain urine and dribbling after urination.

Homeopathic treatment for urethral stricture

There is great scope for treatment and cure of urethral stricture with the Homeopathic mode of medicine. Homeopathy is a symptom based science under which Homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on individual symptom presentation. For treating urethral stricture too, suitable Homeopathic medicines are implied based upon the individual symptom picture. Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture are natural and therefore, safe from adverse side-effects. These medicines are an effective alternative to modern medicine. Homeopathic medicines attack the problem with corrective action at the root level to ensure healthy recovery from urethral stricture. Top grade Homeopathic medicines for treating urethral stricture are Clematis, Chimaphila, Cantharis, Petroleum and Conium.

Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture

Clematis – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture 

Clematis rates among the best Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture. The first unique feature to look out for while prescribing Clematis in urethral stricture is the need to strain to initiate urine. The person cannot start passing urine immediately in spite of the urge and needs to strain hard. Other characteristic features are frequent urination yet passage of scanty urine and inability to pass all the urine at once followed by dribbling after urination. Sometimes violent burning is observed while passing the last drops of urine.

Nitric Acid and Prunus Spinosa – Well Indicated Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture with thin urinary stream

Nitric Acid and Prunus Spinosa are among the most prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for urinary stricture with thin urinary stream. Nitric Acid is selected where the urine stream is very thin from stricture. Burning and stinging on urinating may also be felt. Urine may be scanty, dark and highly offensive. Prunus Spinosa is the best choice among Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture where the urine stream is as thin as a thread. In some cases, the urine stream may even be forked. Ineffectual and urgent need to urinate may attend. The urine appears only after straining for long.

Chimaphila and Magnesium Muriatica – Effective Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture with need to strain hard to urinate

In cases where there is a need to strain excessively hard to pass urine, Chimaphila and Magnesium Muriatica are the most suitable Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture. The guiding features for use of Homeopathic medicine Chimaphila are much straining to make the urine flow appear, frequent urge to urinate and scanty urine. Burning and scalding while urinating is also present. At times, the urine is only passed by putting extreme pressure and inclining the body forward. Homeopathic medicine Magnesium Muriatica is considered where the person is able to pass urine by excessive straining, pressure and bearing down with abdominal muscles. The urine is pale and is passed in drops. Some urine always seems to remain in the bladder.

Merc Sol and Natrum Mur – Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture with frequent desire to urinate

Merc Sol and Natrum Mur are the most effective Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture with frequent desire to urinate. Merc Sol is indicated when there is frequent urge to urinate day and night. The urine stream is very small and weak. Burning in urethra during or after urination may be felt. Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur is best used where the frequency to urinate is most marked at night. The urge to pass urine is also sudden and urgent, with inability to hold.

Argentum Nitricum and Clematis – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture with dribbling after passing urine

In case of dribbling after urination, Argentum Nitricum and Clematis are the most helpful Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture. Argentum Nitricum is prescribed where a few drops of urine dribble after completing the act of micturition. The stream of urine is also divided. Pain, burning and itching in urethra may also be felt. Homeopathic medicine Clematis is helpful where the person needs to strain hard to begin urinating, the urine flows in interrupted stream, the person is unable to pass all the urine at once and there is dribbling of urine.

Cantharis and Apis Mellifica – Reliable Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture with painful urination (dysuria)

Cantharis and Apis Mellifica are among the most significant Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture where marked pain is experienced while urinating. Cantharis is recommended where there is excessive pain in urethra before, during and after passing urine. The pain may be cutting, burning in nature. This is attended with constant and ineffectual desire to urinate. Sometimes urine passes drop by drop. Apis Mellifica is the most suited among Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture when there is stinging, smarting burning, or scalding pain while passing urine. The pain gets worse while passing the last few drops of urine. There is frequent urge to urinate with scanty urine.

Petroleum, Sulphur Iodatum and Conium – Remarkable Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture

Some other very significant Homeopathic medicines for urethral stricture are Petroleum, Sulphur Iodatum and Conium. Where urethral stricture arises after chronic urethritis, Homeopathic medicine Petroleum comes highly recommended. Homeopathic medicine Sulphur Iodatum works well in cases of urethral stricture arising after gonorrhea. Homeopathic medicine Conium is suggested for treating urethral stricture forming after dilatation.

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