Top 5 Homeopathic Medicines for Vitiligo 

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an acquired skin disease characterized by white and smooth patches on the skin. These white patches appear from loss of skin pigment melanin. These white spots are sharply defined and surrounded by normally pigmented skin. Vitiligo can begin in any body part and the white spots may be single or multiple. The white spots may vary in size and shape. Hair in the affected skin area may also become white.

Cause of Vitiligo

In vitiligo, the melanocytes that produce melanin pigment and impart colour to the skin either become dead or stop functioning. The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown. Strong familial tendency is noted. Persons with vitiligo often give positive family history of vitiligo. Vitiligo is considered to be an autoimmune disorder. In this condition, the melanocyte cells are destroyed by the immune cells of body. This reaction is from a misdirected response of the defense cells towards the melanocytes, whom they mistakenly consider to be of foreign origin. As a result, the skin starts to lose pigment and appear white.

Homeopathy Can Treat Vitiligo

Homeopathy can be a boon to persons with vitiligo. Vitiligo arises from some derangement in the inner sphere of the human body and not from any external source. Therefore, the only right and accurate way to treat vitiligo is through internal medication rather than by application of local medicines. Homeopathy works on the basic principle of treating the person, not the disease.  While dealing with vitiligo, Homeopathy does not focus on end results i.e. the white spots, but on the cause of vitiligo. The result is wonderful recovery. Homeopathic medicines moderate the overactive immune system that is destroying the melanocyte cells in the skin. The first aim of Homeopathic medicines is to stop further progression of vitiligo. This is followed by the second phase of treatment, which is regaining the normal skin colour in white spots. This takes considerable amount of time, varying from case to case. Homeopathic medicines offer highly effective, natural and safe treatment for vitiligo. Homeopathic medicines that top the list for vitiligo treatment are Baryta Carb, Baryta Mur, Calcarea Carb, Merc Sol and Arsenic Sulf Flavum.

Homeopathic Medicines for Vitiligo

Baryta Carb – Highly effective among Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo

In my clinical practice, I consider Homeopathic medicine Baryta Carb as a first line of treatment for vitiligo. Baryta Carb has shown excellent results in vitiligo cases which mainly present white patches on the skin. A few other symptoms may present themselves alongside the white spots. These include tingling, pricking or crawling sensation on the skin. Sensitivity to cold air may also be observed in persons who need prescription of Baryta Carb, one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo. Another peculiar symptom is of offensive foot sweat.

Baryta Mur – One of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo treatment

Another of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo treatment is Baryta Mur. I have successfully treated many cases of vitiligo using Baryta Mur and observed brilliant results. White spots that present in each and every case of vitiligo remain the most prominent symptom. Other symptoms that may present themselves are burning, itching, pricking on the skin.

Calcarea Carb – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo with milky white spots on skin

Calcarea Carb is yet another of the marvellous Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo. The cases of vitiligo in which I have seen the most satisfactory results with Calcarea Crab are those with typical milky white spots on the skin. These white spots are often surrounded by dark borders. There are some other unique symptoms, apart from the white spots, that are of great significance while selecting Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carb. These red line symptoms include cold skin, copious sweat especially over the scalp/nape of neck/chest and intolerance to cold surroundings. Calcarea Carb rates among the best Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo with the above symptoms.

Merc Sol – Top rated among Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo with moist sweaty skin

Merc Sol is considered one of the very effective Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo and several other skin disorders. It is the most suitable prescription for persons with vitiligo who have persistently moist skin. They have a tendency to perspire freely. The sweat may be very offensive or oily. It may be more profuse at night. Itching of skin may also be present. Warmth of bed may worsen the itching. Other guiding symptoms for use of Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol are profuse salivation, intense thirst, sensitivity to both heat and cold.

Arsenic Sulf Flavum – One of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo with dry skin

Arsenic Sulf Flavum is one of the rare yet very helpful Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo. It is mainly recommended in persons with white spots on dry skin. In fact, the skin may show cracks. Scaly and itchy skin on various body parts may also present itself in a few cases where Arsenic Sulf Flavum would show best results among Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo.



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