14 Homeopathic Remedies for Congestion Relief and Stuffy Nose

A blocked nose is a sign of nasal congestion, which is a fairly common complaint. Every bout of flu or the common cold brings with it a certain degree of nasal congestion. In some people, this can be a chronic condition that develops as a result of a long-standing underlying nasal complaint. Both acute, as well as chronic cases of a stuffy/blocked nose, can be effectively treated in homeopathy. Homeopathy medicines aim to address the cause behind nasal blockage to bring about excellent recovery. Ammonium Carb, Teucrium, and Natrum Mur are the top homeopathic remedies for nasal congestion.

The most important causes of a chronic stuffy nose are nasal allergies (allergic rhinitis/hay-fever), nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis, chronic nasal cold/ catarrh/rhinitis, DNS (deviated nasal septum), and enlarged adenoids. A stuffy nose may be accompanied by other symptoms like nasal discharges (watery, fluent or thick), sneezing, postnasal discharge, itching/irritation in the nostrils and temporary loss of the sense of smell.

Homeopathic Medicines for Stuffy Nose

There is an excellent scope to treat a nasal congestion in the homeopathy system of medicine. These remedies help relieve the nasal obstruction as well as the attending symptoms like nasal discharges, sneezing, postnasal discharge, and nasal itching. These medicines for the treatment of nasal blockage are of natural origin and can be safely used by people of all age groups. With the right constitutional remedies, chronic cases of a congested nose can be treated for long-term relief.

1. Ammonium Carb – Top Remedy for Blocked Nose

Ammonium Carb is a natural remedy to treat a congested nose. A person needing Ammonium Carb tend to experience nasal blockage at night along with suffocation and mouth breathing. In some cases, watery discharge from the nose is present. The nasal discharge may be acrid, sharp, or burning. However, there may be dryness in the nostrils. Constant sneezing may also appear. A tendency to catch a cold easily is often noted in people who need this remedy.

2. Teucrium – When Nasal Polyps Cause are the Cause for Congestion

Teucrium is prepared from a plant named “Teucrium marum Verum.” It belongs to the family Labiatae. It gives excellent results in cases of a blocked nose due to nasal polyps. The key symptoms that indicate the need for this remedy are a nasal blockage that is worse upon lying down, and blockage of the nostril on the side on which the person is lying. There may be a temporary loss of the sense of smell. A crusty discharge from the nose, peculiar violent crawling sensation in the nostrils and sneezing may be present. Teucrium also works well in cases where nasal blockage persists even after the removal of nasal polyps. It also helps shrink the polyps and relieve the nasal blockage.

3. Natrum Mur – for Nasal congestion with Allergic Colds

Natrum Mur is a natural cure for cold-allergy that causes nasal blockage. It also works very effectively in cases of allergic rhinitis. A thin, watery nasal discharge with nasal obstruction and violent sneezing are the key symptoms for using this medicine. The sneezing is most marked during the morning. In some cases, alternating fluent and dry inflammation of the mucous membranes, and a watery discharge from the eyes may be present.

4. Sambucus – When Babies cant sleep due to congestion

Sambucus is a natural remedy prepared from fresh leaves and flowers of a plant called “Elder.” The natural order of this plant is Caprifoliaceae. Sambucus is highly recommended for treating a stuffy nose in children; specially when it happens in the night.  Symptoms such as -Breathing through the mouth, nasal blockage during the night, a feeling of suffocation while sleeping, and nasal blockage due to the accumulation of thick fluid in the nostrils are indicative of its use. Sambucus is also well indicated to treat dry coryza in infants with a dry nose and severe nasal obstruction.

5. Arsenic Album – For Stuffy Nose During Cold or Flu

Arsenic Album is a natural remedy for a runny nose and sneezing that appear with a cold or the flu. It works effectively in cases where the nose feels obstructed with fluent coryza. Along with a runny nose, frequent sneezing is prominent. The nasal fluid is copious, thin, watery and burning. Burning and smarting in the nostrils is also present. Arsenic Album is used to treat a blocked nose with profuse burning nasal discharge cases of influenza.

6. Pulsatilla – When Chronic Cold Cause stuffy Nose

Pulsatilla is prepared from the fresh plant called ‘Wind Flower,’ of the order Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla is a wonderful remedy for treating a blocked nose in cases of chronic cold (rhinitis). The key indications for using Pulsatilla are nasal blockage that is worse indoors and during the evening. The nasal discharges are thick, greenish or yellowish – green in color. They are entirely bland and tend to be offensive. A loss of sense of smell and taste is often present with the above symptoms.

7. Silicea – Effective Medicine for Blocked Nose in Sinusitis

Silicea is a well-indicated natural cure for sinusitis and associated nasal congestion. The person needing Silicea has an obstinate cold, sinus inflammation, sinus headache, and nasal obstruction. The nasal blockage is most marked during the morning. Other attending symptoms are a burning sensation in the nose, a bad odor and sneezing (especially during the morning). It also helps in nasal blockage due to the formation of dry hard crusts in nostrils which tend to bleed when loosened.

8. Kali Bichromicum – when Stuffiness is accompanied with Post Nasal Discharge

Kali Bichromicum is natural medicine for a stuffy nose that is in cases of postnasal discharge. The nasal blockage is intense and makes breathing through the nose difficult. The nature of post nasal drip is thick, ropy, stringy, and tenacious. A fetid smell from nose attends nasal blockage. Tickling in nostrils and sneezing accompany the above symptoms. Kali Bichromicum is also indicated in cases of nasal blockage where there are thick, lumpy, stringy greenish nasal secretions. Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis cases with nose blockage and a feeling of pressure/fullness at the root of the nose are also treated well with Kali Bichromicum.

9. Sabadilla – For Nasal congestion with sneezing

Sabadilla is prepared from the seeds of a plant named “Sabadilla Officinalis,” of the natural order Melanthaceae of Liliaceae. It is beneficial for treating a blocked nose accompanied by sneezing. Copious watery nasal discharge, an itching, and tickling in the nostrils, a frontal headache and oversensitivity to odors may be present along with other symptoms.

10. Lac Caninum – Effective Remedy when Blocked Sensation Alternates

Lac Caninum is an effective remedy for a blocked sensation that alternates sides. At a given time, one side of the nose is stuffed, and there is a discharge of thin mucus from the other. There is an alteration of this condition on both sides of the nose. Discharge begins from one side of the blocked nose and the side previously having mucus discharge gets obstructed. The nasal discharge is acrid, and it irritates the nostrils and upper lip. In some cases, nasal discharge may be blood-stained, and the nose may be sore to touch.

11. Sticta – for Blocked Sensation at the Root of the Nose

Sticta works well in cases of a blocked nose where a stuffed feeling is present at the root of the nose. This feeling of obstruction is worse during the night, causing disturbed sleep. Dryness in the mucous membrane of the nose and dry coryza (inflammation of mucous membrane) where nasal secretions dry up quickly with the formation of scab in the nose are also indicative of this remedy.

12. Nux Vomica – For Blocked Nose at Night and Runny Nose during the Day

Nux Vomica is a prominently indicated medicine for treatment of blocked nose. It is suitable for people who complain of a stuffed nose at night and runny nose during the day. A runny nose is mostly worse in a warm room and better in the open air. A crawling, creeping or scraping sensation in the nose, oversensitivity to strong odors, and intense sneezing may also be present.

13. Dulcamara – For Common Cold in Wet Weather

Dulcamara is a medicine prepared from a plant called ‘Woodly Nightshade’ or ‘Bittersweet.’ It belongs to the family Solanaceae. Dulcamara is most useful for treating nasal blockages appearing in wet weather. A person needing Dulcamara has severe blockage of the nose during the wet season. Nasal blockage obstructs breathing, watery or thick yellow nasal discharges may be present, and the blockage may get aggravated from exposure to cold air.

14. Agraphis Nutans – When Stuffiness is Due to Enlarged Adenoids

Agraphis Nutans is prepared from the fresh plant called “Bluebell.” This plant belongs to the family Liliaceae. Agraphis Nutans is an effective medicine for children who have blocked nose from enlarged adenoids. The blockage is most marked at the root of the nose. The nostrils may become enlarged.

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