Varicocele Homeopathic Treatment: Homeopathy Can Help Avoid Surgery

Enlargement of the veins within the scrotum (a sac that holds the testicles) refers to as varicocele. Varicocele is very similar to a varicose vein that appears in the leg. Males between the age group of 15 to 25 yrs are most affected by this condition. The reason behind varicocele is not apparent yet. However, it is thought to arise from a defect in the blood flow in the veins of the spermatic cord. This happens when the valves inside the veins of the spermatic cord (that allows one-way blood flow) don’t work effectively, preventing proper flow of blood in the right direction. This causes a backflow of blood causing the veins inside the scrotum to widen and enlarge.

Homeopathic Medicines for Varicocele

Homeopathy gives good results in cases of varicocele. Homeopathy medicines remain successful in treating varicocele and surgery can be prevented in most cases with their use. These are of natural origin and help to reduce the swelling in the scrotum by removing venous stasis and improving the blood circulation. They also help with pain management. Varicocele with low sperm count is also treatable, and the results vary as per the grade of varicocele and chronicity of the complaint.

1. Hamamelis – Natural Medicine for Varicocele

Hamamelis is a medicine prepared from the fresh bark of twigs and root of a plant called “Witch-hazel.” It is a shrub that grows in all parts of U.S and belongs to natural order Hamamelidaceae. Hamamelis is a top listed medicine for treating varicocele due to its marked action on the venous system. It is highly valuable to reduce the venous congestions, blood pooling/stasis and it promotes active blood circulation. The person requiring Hamamelis complains of swelling in the scrotum. It is accompanied with marked drawing pain in the scrotum. In some cases, cold sweat on the scrotum may be present. Hamamelis 30c Can be helpful if taken twice daily

2. Arnica Montana – Effective Remedy for Varicocele due to an Injury

Arnica Montana is prepared from a plant called “Leopard’s Bane” or “Fallkraut.” The natural order of this plant is Compositae. Arnica works very effectively to treat the effects of injury, trauma, fall, and blows. Arnica works well in cases of varicocele where a history of injury or blow to the scrotum is present. In such cases, the scrotum is swollen and appears bluish or purplish red. A sore, bruised or shooting pain in the scrotum may also be present. The pain may radiate from the scrotum to abdomen. Arnica 200 c one dose daily can be helpful if Injury is the reason for Varicocele

3. Pulsatilla – Effective Treatment for Varicocele with Aching or Tearing Pain in Scrotum

Pulsatilla is prepared from a plant named Pulsatilla Nigricans, Pasque Flower or Wind Flower. This plant grows in the pastures of Central and Northern Europe and parts of South England. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla is most useful for treating varicocele with lacerating, aching or tearing pain the scrotum. The pain may also appear in the groin region. The scrotum may be tender to touch. Walking may worsen the complaint. Sometimes a burning sensation in the scrotum is felt. The scrotum is swollen and has a bluish color.

4. Fluoric Acid – Effective Medicine for Varicocele with Swelling in Scrotum

Fluoric Acid is well indicated to treat varices and venous stasis in various body parts including the scrotum. For varicocele, it helps to reduce swelling in the scrotum. Persons needing Fluoric acid may have a pungent smelling sweat on the genitals.

5. Nux Vomica – Natural Cure for Varicocele with Sharp Pain in Scrotum

Nux Vomica is a medicine for varicocele where there is a sharp pain in the scrotum. In addition to this, it also helps where a constricting, drawing or stitching pain is present in the scrotum. Along with pain, heat and sensitivity in the scrotum may be present. There may be associated in the spermatic cord. This pain tends to worsen standing, walking, while sitting relieves the pain.

6. Aurum Met – for Varicocele with Swelling in Scrotum with Pain

Aurum Met is a beneficial remedy for varicocele with swelling in scrotum attended with pressing pains. The pain may get worse from touch. Pressure and tension may also be felt in the scrotum. Use of Aurum Met is also considered in cases of varicocele attended with atrophy of testicles and itching of the scrotum.

7. Ruta – Effective Remedy for Varicocele due to Strain

Ruta is another remedy of plant origin prepared from a plant called Ruta Graveolens, Bitterwort or Garden Rue. The entire plant is used to make the medicine, and it belongs to family Rutaceae. Ruta is useful in cases of varicocele that arises from a strain.

8. X-Ray and Radium Bromatum – Well indicated  Medicines for Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count (oligospermia) is a most frequent complication arising in cases of varicocele. X-Ray and Radium Bromatum are prominently indicated medicines for treating low sperm count. These can be used for low sperm count treatment after a complete case assessment.

Varicocele – Signs and Symptoms

Varicocele may not cause any symptoms. In cases of varicocele, only a lump and swelling in the scrotum is present. The enlarged and twisted veins in the scrotum may have a worm-like shape. Varicocele is usually one-sided, especially on the left side. It is in sporadic cases that both the sides are involved. Varicocele is often painless but can cause pain in some cases. The pain in the scrotum may be dull or sharp. It may get worse during standing, from physical exertion and as the day goes by. Lying on the back tend to relieve the pain. In cases of varicocele, sperm production may be decreased, and motility and quality of sperm can also be reduced. It can lead to infertility in some cases. Another complication that links with varicocele is atrophy or shrinkage of the testicles.

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