Role of Homeopathy In Treating Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the behavior, communication, social and cognitive skills of a child. It is first identified in the early years of childhood (commonly between 2-3 years). It is more common in males than in females.

Role of Homeopathy In Treating Autism

After reading about the role contemporary medicine for autism, one starts to believe that there is a very little scope for treatment. For most parents, it is difficult to decide the direction in which to proceed regarding treatment. The plethora of information available online can be confusing and contradictory; more so when the significance of a child’s age is apparent in terms of the effectiveness of the treatment. The age at which a child begins treatment for autism can directly influence the degree of improvement. In such cases, homeopathy offers safe, effective and natural remedies for treating autism. These medicines focus on attaining age-appropriate development of the child by stimulating the developmental spheres of the mind. These remedies, coupled with the correct therapies can help a child cover the developmental lags associated with autism. Natural homeopathic medicines like Carcinosin, Baryta Carb, Calcarea Carb, Tuberculinum empower the child to develop age-appropriate ability to learn things. They help break the shell of inwardness (noted in most of the children with autism spectrum disorders) and enable a child to connect with the outside environment. Homeopathic medicine help enhance the attention, focus, understanding, learning, and speech in children with developmental issues. Also, in hyperactive kids, these remedies can help children calm down without making them dull. Certain homeopathic remedies (like Carcinosin, Hyoscyamus, Tuberculinum, Tarantula, Veratrum Album) specifically cover the aggressive and destructive tendencies in children. They help improve the overall behavioral issues and create emotional stability and social connections.
Homeopathic medicines are also helpful in cases where a diagnosis is being awaited. Many children show signs of developmental delays but are too young to be diagnosed. While a doctor may suggest ‘waiting,’ it is important to remember that the age of the child has a direct impact on the recovery. It is prudent, to begin with early treatment in the form of natural medicines even without a diagnosis. Homeopathy is extremely helpful in such undiagnosed cases as it is a symptom-based practice and the remedies are highly individualized.
Homeopathic medicines are 100% natural and do not have any associated side effects. These are prepared from naturally occurring substances in the environment. There is no risk of dependency on these medicines since they are not habit-forming, and the child need not use them post recovery. The course of treatment can easily run between 2-4 years; however in the majority of cases, one can see significant changes within the first 3-6 months of therapy (depending on the age and intensity of the problem).

Homeopathic Remedies for Autism

Carcinosin: Effective Homeopathic Medicine For Hyperactivity with Autism

Carcinosin as a remedy covers many aspects of developmental delay in children. However, its prescription depends on a number of factors that are best judged by a homeopath. One may find a strong family history of diabetes or cancer in children requiring this remedy. They are often artistic and inclined towards art and music.

One of the most characteristic features of using Carcinosin as a remedy for autism is the lack of connectivity with the outside world. This medicine works wonders for children who tend to withdraw into their own shells and are unable to connect with the environment. They tend to develop only need-based connections with their immediate surroundings.
Intense hyperactivity is another key symptom for using this remedy. Children who need carcinosin cannot be made to sit still in one place. These kids tend to run around and climb up on furniture constantly. They may also frequently exhibit repetitive body movements like spinning, stemming, hand flapping and walking on their tip-toes.

Use of Carcinosin for Speech Delay

Another characteristic feature of this remedy is speech delay. There is a considerable lag in the child’s ability to talk as per his/her age. Even the onset of speech is markedly delayed. Irrelevant talks, talking to one’s own self, verbal stimming, and producing meaningless sounds throughout the day are other indicators that point towards this remedy.

Carcinosin and Development of Self-Expression 

An inability to express needs (even via gestures or finger-pointing) is also indicative of Carcinosin. These children usually cry when they want something. Poor focus and concentration is a marked feature – most parents are unable to make the child sit and learn something. They tend to develop attention issues and display obsessive and repetitive behaviors. Being obsessed with a sense of rhythm is common, and such children love dancing.
Another common identifying feature for the use of carcinosin is the inability to indulge in pretend-play or imaginative games. An inability to play with toys appropriately (and sometimes even a complete lack of interest in toys) is often noted.

Carcinosin and Sensory Issues

Carcinosin as a remedy is used to treat sensory issues like mouthing and smelling, where children put all objects in the mouth and like to smell everything (even food before eating it).

Carcinosin and Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders in autism are very well handled with the correct dose of Carcinosin. It is useful in cases of chronic insomnia or sleeplessness where it is a challenge to make children sleep at night. Such children usually need to be carried or rocked to sleep.

Carcinosin and Social Skills 

Carcinosin has shown a good effect on children who lack the skills to bond emotionally and do not like meeting people. These children are afraid of going into crowded places and become cranky and irritable in public spaces. Sound sensitivity and intolerance towards loud sounds are common issues. For example, an affected child may not tolerate sounds like that of a mixer, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, loud music, etc.
A fundamental lack of danger awareness is also typical in children who need carcinosin. They may run across the streets, touch hot things, and pay no attention to their own safety.

Baryta Carb: Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Autism with Developmental Lags

Baryta Carb is a remarkable homeopathic remedy used to treat developmental delays in children. Problems with concentration, slow learning, and poor memory are other indicative features of this remedy. Sensory issues like smelling, mouthing, feeling the texture of things and sound sensitivity are also noted in kids needing Baryta Carb. They also tend to have low immunity and frequently catch colds and coughs.
Children who experience delays in the onset of milestones like walking, crawling, and speech, and generally have a slow mental grasp need Baryta Carb. They tend to act in a silly manner, have poor social skills, and tend to be so shy of strangers that they try to avoid them entirely. It is not uncommon for these children to ignore other people and refuse to interact in social situations. Similarly, these children are unable to interact with kids of their own age, prefer being alone, and sit separately away from the peer group.

This remedy is also beneficial for children who are very fearful and get frightened easily. Such children tend to have episodes of weeping and will cry over little things. They also have a weak memory and are forgetful.

Baryta carb is extremely helpful for sleep issues in autism, where the affected children are sleepy but unable to sleep. They have disturbed sleep, talk in their sleep and wake up multiple times during the night.
Appetite-related issues like refusal to eat food even when hungry and extreme sensitivity to the taste and texture of food are also treated well with this remedy.

Calcarea Carb: Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Autism Recovery for Children who are Dull and Lethargic

Calc. Carb is an effective remedy for kids with autism who are dull and lethargic. These children show a complete lack of interest in playing with other kids and toys. They prefer being alone and don’t know how to play with toys. Instead, they tend to day-dream and keep thinking about imaginary things.
It is a well-indicated remedy in cases where children misplace the words while talking and are unable to express themselves adequately. They tend to be mentally confused and are unable to comprehend what they are reading or listening to. Poor intellect and a reduced ability to think is common, as are the delays in milestones like teething and walking.

This remedy also suits children who are very stubborn and throw fits of violent screaming. They are very irritable, cranky, and become unhappy quickly. They may also have sleep issues and wake up frequently due to nightmares.

Calcarea carb can be of help in kids who walk on their tip-toes and do not put their feet down on the ground while walking.

Tuberculinum: Natural Homeopathic Cure for Autism with Marked Restlessness 

Restlessness in children is one of the key characteristic features of using Tuberculinum. These children are always restless and mostly dissatisfied. They get bored very quickly and have compulsive tendencies. They need constant stimulation and seldom stay still in one place. They also tend to be very confused and are unable to do any mental work. Another feature is aggression – they may be very aggressive, have violent outbursts of anger, be destructive and show a desire to throw and break things.

Irritability and the need to complain about everything is common in such children. They may fight or scream for no reason and do not like to be spoken to. Contradictory and oppositional behavior traits are also common.
In elder children, use of abusive and foul language is another characteristic feature for using this remedy. Swearing, cursing, sensitivity to music, and a fear of animals are some traits shared by children who need this medicine.

Regarding the physical aspects, these children look weak and emaciated despite a good appetite. They tend to catch a cold quickly (often with every change in weather) and suffer from long-standing diarrhea in children.
Children who grind their teeth and wake up screaming during the night can also be treated with Tuberculinum.

Hyoscyamus Niger: Natural Homeopathic Medicine For Autism with marked Hyperactivity and Aggressiveness

Hyoscyamus is a natural homeopathic remedy prepared from the plant known as Henbane of the family Solanaceae. It is one of the top homeopathic medicines used to treat behavior issues in children.
Children with marked hyperactivity and aggressiveness who tend to run and jump constantly need this remedy.
They may jump out of bed, climb the furniture and roam around in the house all the time. In terms of aggression, these children may hit, bite, scratch and try to otherwise injure people (or themselves). They are also abusive and may scream and cry loudly.

Hyoscyamus is a useful remedy for children who have lascivious tendencies like frequently rubbing the genitals and touching others inappropriately. They also have a strong desire to hug or kiss others, roam around completely naked and have no concept of stranger awareness.

Self-talk is another indicator of this remedy. The children talk incessantly with themselves, have irrelevant or meaningless speech, and verbal stemming. They speak in a hurried manner, laugh inappropriately and cannot give relevant answers to questions.

Causes of Autism

While there is no known cause of autism, there are environmental and genetic factors that may play an essential role in causing developmental disorders. These include:

Genetic Factors: Certain gene mutations like chromosomal duplications or deletions are associated with autism. Some of the common genetic mutations known to cause autism are fragile x, 22q13 deletion, 1q21.1 microdeletion, chromosome 18 deletion (Distal 18q deletion syndrome), chromosome 15 deletion (15q13.3 microdeletion), chromosome 15 duplication (Duplication of 15q11-13 chromosome region), Chromosome 22 duplication, etc.

Most of these chromosomal mutations are known to cause intellectual disabilities, delayed development, learning disabilities, seizures, microcephaly or behavioral issues in children.

The fact that it is more common in identical twins gives us substantial evidence of the role of genes in causing autism.

Hereditary Factors: Autism seems to be common in families with a history of the disease. If there is any known case in the family, there is a chance that the kids born into the same family may also have autism. Chances of autism are even6 more in kids born from consanguineous marriage (married in blood relation).

Vaccinations: Though not proven, there is a strong link between vaccines and developmental delays in children. Research is ongoing to establish a connection between the two.

Pregnancy and Delivery Factors: These may not directly lead to autism but seem to have some influence on it. These conditions are commonly found in the birth history of kids with autism and may increase the vulnerability of developing autism. Some of these conditions include infections like rubella or cytomegalovirus, gestational thyroid, twin-pregnancy, meconium aspiration at birth, hypoxia at birth, and the presence of an umbilical cord around the neck. In rare cases, assisted deliveries with the help of forceps or vacuum may also cause developmental issues in the child.

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