ADHD- From Hyper To Calm with these Natural Homeopathic Medicines


Homeopathic treatment for ADHD works very well to treat behavioral and cognitive functioning in children, as proved by clinical trials for the same. Working on the principle of ‘like cures like,’ homeopathy treats the symptoms of inattention, mood disorders and hyperactivity (all associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) by stimulating the child’s mind towards development.

Children (especially those in their early developmental years) who are always restless and face problems with concentration show a good response to natural homeopathy medicines for ADHD like Tarentula, Carcinosin, and Tuberculinum. These medicines are deep acting remedies that help improve memory and concentration and also reduce hyperactivity in children with ADHD. For example, Tarentula is used to treat ADHD in children with classic symptoms like constant motion, restlessness, and destructive behavior, while Stramonium is a proven remedy that helps curb excessive hyperactivity.

While the conventional system of medicine relies on stimulants and antidepressants to treat the symptoms of ADHD, these do not treat the problem. They merely mask the symptoms, and the child often has to suffer through other side effects. As a holistic treatment for ADHD, homeopathy works upon improving the brain function rather than curbing the symptoms. These medicines are safe and have no side effects, and the correct remedy can help treat all associated problems like allergies or recurrent physical issues along with hyperactivity and inattention in kids.

Since these medicines work symptomatically, they offer a highly individualized cure. A child with problems of inattention is vastly different from a child who likes to throw tantrums, and a homeopath would treat these two cases differently.

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in Children

1. Tarentula Hispanica – Top Medicine for ADHD

Tarentula Hispanica is a highly ranked medicine for ADHD. It is highly effective in children who are hyperactive, in constant motion and cannot remain in one place quietly. Inattentiveness and marked impatience, a restlessness of hands and legs, sudden impulsive, destructive behavior are other classic symptoms. The child may strike himself and others, tear the clothing, throw things away, and generally be destructive. He may be quite talkative also and tend to speak abruptly. Excessive screaming, shrieking, tendency to use abusive language, tendency to steal things and be cross, irritable and angry often are also signs that indicate the need for this medicine. A characteristic feature that may be noted with the above features is a great excitement induced by listening to music.

2. Carcinosin – For Concentration and Memory

Carcinosin is a highly effective medicine for ADHD where the child shows extreme hyperactivity and restlessness. The child remains in constant motion. He keeps on running, jumping, climbing here and there. The child is difficult to be seated in one place and is usually impatient. Such children tend to get bored easily, are highly inattentive and have difficulty with concentration. Anxiety and fears may also prevail among them. Fears like that of the dark and being alone are commonly noted. They may also have restless sleep.

3. Tuberculinum Bovinum – For Hyperactivity, Concentration Difficulty, and Destructiveness

Tuberculinum Bovinum is a natural medicine for ADHD where the child is hyperactive, restless and always seems to have too much energy. Such children can’t slow down to learn anything and face difficulty while doing tasks that need concentration. Another marked feature that indicates the need for this medicine is destructiveness with a desire to break things. Other attending symptoms include irritability, stubbornness, and fretfulness. They also are argumentative and tend to use foul language, want to fight, and have fits of violent temper tantrums. Tuberculinum Bovinum is also useful in children with ADHD who suffer from learning disabilities.

4. Hyoscyamus Niger – For ADHD with Hyperactivity and Excessive Talking

Hyoscyamus Niger is an effective natural cure for ADHD. This medicine is prepared from the plant called Henbane. The natural order of this plant is Solanaceae. The child requiring this medicine shows hyperactivity and is extremely restless physically. He tends to move from one place to another, and his movements are very quick. The child is inattentive and lacks concentration. While studying, he may use inappropriate words and sentences or make up irrelevant answers. He is also very talkative and impatient and may talk absurdly. Some children also tend to make constant unintelligible chattering. Emotional outbursts may be present with the above symptoms. The child may cry out suddenly or break into a loud laugh. He may show violent behavior like – scratching, striking, biting, and injuring those around him. He may insult, shout, scold, abuse and spit on people. He may make ridiculous gestures and is often seen to play with his fingers.

5. Stramonium – For ADHD with Marked Hyperactivity

Stramonium is prepared from the plant called Thorn Apple. This plant belongs to family Solanaceae. The child is very hyperactive and restless. He sits down, rises, kneels, rolls, creeps or takes other strange positions. He may also continually move his hands and arms. He does everything hastily and hurriedly. He is inattentive, cannot connect a sentence, is unable to give a proper answer, and cannot find the right words.
The child is loquacious, disposed to talk continually. He sings, makes verses, shrieks, screams, howls, and groans. He is impulsive and violent too. He may tear his clothes, destroys things, and attempt to bite those who come near him.

6. Veratrum Album – For ADHD with Violent, Impulsive and Destructive Behaviour

Veratrum Album is prepared from the plant named White Hellebore of the natural order Melanthaceae of the Liliaceae family. It is indicated in cases of ADHD where the child shows violent, impulsive and destructive behavior. During violent outbreaks, the child strike those around him, tears things up has an impulse to bite. Hyperactivity with a desire to wander about the house is also present. Excessive rapid, constant talking, at times with loud laughter, may also be present. The child may also have a habit of telling lies.

7. Chamomilla – For ADHD Related Mood Disorders

Chamomilla is an effective remedy prepared from a plant called Matricaria Chamomilla. Chamomilla is suitable for argumentative, ill-humored and irritable children. They are fretful, obstinate, cranky, cross, snappish, insulting, who cannot answer patiently. They cannot bear anyone near them and are averse to talking. Along with this, they are full of anxiety and restlessness. They are very impatient and, everything seems to go too slowly for them. They also show agitation and are always tossing, groaning. Use of Chamomilla is also considered in cases of ADHD attended with ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder).

8. Cina – For Children who are Irritable, Fretful, and Cross

Cina is prepared from the plant named Cina Maritima from the natural order Composite. Cina is another excellent medicine for ADHD in kids who are irritable, fretful and cross. They are always complaining about everything. They cannot bear anyone near them. They are not satisfied by anything, desire many things (which they refuse to accept when offered), and throw away everything given to them. They are highly cross, get offended easily and strike those around them. They are very restless even during sleep and keep on tossing about in bed.

9. Medorrhinum – When the Child is Restless and Hurried and has Difficulty with Concentration

Medorrhinum is useful medicine for ADHD when the child is restless, hurried and has difficulty concentrating on things. He loses the thread of conversation, seems very anxious, and has severe mood swings. One moment the child is happy, the other moment he is sad. Such children also tend to be hyperactive, impulsive, abrupt and abusive towards others.

10. Merc Sol – For ADHD with Hyperactivity at Night

Merc Sol is an important medicine for ADHD with hyperactivity that is especially marked during the night. The child is restless, continually moves from one place to another, has a hurried speech, and tends to be anxious and ill-humored. The child may show poor self-confidence along with the above symptoms.

The Cause behind ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

The exact reason behind ADHD is not known yet. However, certain risk factors tend to contribute to ADHD. These factors include genetic factors (family history of ADHD raises the risk), smoking /alcohol use/drug use by the mother during pregnancy, brain damage from an injury, childhood exposure to toxins such as lead and arsenic, chemical food additives such as artificial coloring, food preservatives; artificial sweetness and food allergies, premature birth or a low birth weight, and epilepsy.

Symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

The main symptoms of ADHD include inattention and hyperactive-impulsive behavior.

The symptoms of inattention include difficulty in focusing attention while studying, playing or while other things, making careless mistakes in study or other activities, getting easily bored and distracted, losing items like toys, pencils, etc; being too absorbed and not listening to others, daydreaming, having problems with following instructions, and avoidance of activities that need attention.

The symptoms of hyperactivity include difficulty with sitting still, constant movement or running around, tapping of hands or feet, talking too much, interrupting others in between their conversation, impatience with difficulty waiting for a turn and difficulty in doing tasks quietly.

Other symptoms that can accompany the above in ADHD include frequent mood swings, sudden anger, emotional outbursts, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Some children may also have signs of other conditions alongside ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), such as anxiety disorder, learning problems like dyslexia, and Tourette’s syndrome (a neurological disorder involving motor and vocal tics). Children having Tourette’s syndrome have two or more motor (movement-related) tics and at least one vocal (sound related) tic in combination. ODD or oppositional defiant disorder is another behavioral disorder in which a child shows angry, irritable mood and argumentative, vindictive behavior towards adults or authority figures. Conduct disorder is a group of emotional and behavioral problems that begin during childhood or adolescence. Significant features include aggressive conduct, deceitful behavior, destructive behavior, violation of rules, and antisocial behavior.


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